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Zwilling scissors: sharpened to perfection

Scissors from the Zwilling J.A. Henckels collection have been sharpened to perfection in Solingen. These scissors are famous for their ingenious design and amazing sharpness retention. So, in addition to razor-sharp kitchen knives, you can also turn to Zwilling for the best scissors!

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Features of Zwilling scissors

High-quality materials

The main difference between Zwilling scissors and those of most other brands is that Zwilling uses stainless steel of a much higher quality. This is something you'll only notice after a while of using the scissors, because you'll see that the scissors retain their sharpness for a very long time. They're easy to sharpen too, should the scissors lose some of their sharpness over time. As such, you'll be able to enjoy your scissors for many years. Some scissors, like poultry scissors, are entirely made of steel. Other scissors feature handles made from high-quality plastic for extra user-comfort. With a pair of Zwilling scissors, you'll be able to handle every cutting task with ease.

Types of scissors

Zwilling offers different types of scissors for different purposes. For example, kitchen scissors for all-round use, poultry scissors to cut through bones and even a pair of tailor's scissors for all your sewing needs! The advantage of a pair of poultry scissors is that these scissors provide you with the perfect lever effect to make sure you cut through bones without having to apply too much pressure. The tailor's scissors allow you to slice through fabric, you often don't even need to cut down with the scissors. There's a suitable pair of Zwilling scissors for everyone!