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Zwilling knife blocks: stylishly store your kitchen knives

You can enjoy a Zwilling knife block for years to come. Whether you are looking for a Zwilling knife block with knives, or an individual knife block to store the knives you already own: Zwilling has got you covered.

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Characteristics of the Zwilling knife blocks

Stunning materials

Zwilling pays close attention to the design and production of beautiful knife blocks. Stunning materials such as bamboo and thermo-beech ensure you end up with jaw-dropping products. Not only does wood look amazing, it also protects the sharp cutting edge of your knives. For example, there are knife blocks enhanced with horizontal slots that perfectly protect the edges of your knives because they hardly come into contact with the block. Zwilling has also produced vertical knife blocks that work with magnets in the slots to make sure the knives stay in place. These blocks are a little more compact and will therefore also look amazing in a somewhat smaller kitchen!

Zwilling knife block with knives

If you want to purchase Zwilling knives, a knife set is often an inexpensive choice. A set is cheaper per knife than when you purchase them individually. Another advantage is that you always know the knives will fit inside the block you purchased. If you purchase individual knives this could be a bit of a puzzle, finding out which knives fit where. When you purchase a knife block with knives you will immediately own a complete and affordable knife set.