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Kai kitchen knives: knives for pros

Kai, a Japanese brand, is one of the largest knife brands in the world. If you work in a professional kitchen, odds are you're familiar with Kai kitchen knives. Kai kitchen knives are famous, especially in Japan. Kai was founded in 1908 in Seki City, the knife capital of the world. The company has grown into a leading knife manufacturer with several thousand employees and more than 10,000 different products, including many kitchen knives. From functional budget knives to premium works of art designed by chefs. Kai has it all!

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More than 16.000 products
Fast delivery from our own stock
Free shipping over 1200 kr
Free returns within 30 days
More than 16.000 products
Fast delivery from our own stock
Free shipping over 1200 kr
Free returns within 30 days
More than 16.000 products
Fast delivery from our own stock
Free shipping over 1200 kr

Why choose a Kai knife?

Kai has been making cutting tools according to the traditions of the legendary Samurai of ancient Japan for over 115 years. Kai kitchen knives do justice to this ancient Japanese art of forging. This forging art still forms the basis for many of their new products today. Kai aims to produce exceptional knives of the highest quality, regardless of the price range of the kitchen knife. That's why the price-quality ratio is always top-notch!

Kai knives are made from natural materials, which are processed and shaped with the expertise of traditional Japanese forging. Kai kitchen knives are the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship. If that's not a reason to choose a Kai knife, we don't know what is.

Kai series

Kai Shun Classic

The Shun Classic series is Kai's flagship collection. It consists of stunning kitchen knives with 32-layered damascus steel, with a core of VG-MAX steel. The handles are made from black pakka wood. These knives have a traditional D-shaped handle: a Japanese feature. This knife series is among one of the most comprehensive series in the world.

Kai Shun Classic White

The Shun Classic series, now available in white. The Shun Classic White series consists of six beautiful kitchen knives made from 32-layers of damascus steel and a core of VG-MAX steel. The handles are made from beautiful light-coloured pakka wood, with a traditional D-shaped handle: a Japanese design

Kai Shun Pro Sho

Kai's Shun Pro Sho series consists of premium kitchen knives with the traditional one-sided grind as is common in Japan. One side features a decorative pattern, made with an innovative etching technique. The other side is blasted to create a matt finish. The dark handles are made from beautiful pakka wood, with a traditional D-shaped handle: a Japanese design feature.

Kai Shun Nagare

The Shun Nagare series is Kai's signature collection. These are premium-quality kitchen knives with 72-layers of damascus steel, with a pattern reminiscent of rays from the rising sun. A paragon of Japanese forging. The handle features a Western design and is as aesthetically pleasing as the blade.

Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer

The Shun Premier Tim Mälzer series is an extensive collection of knives, developed in collaboration with German TV chef Tim Mälzer. These Kai shun knives were made according to his preferences. They feature a beautiful damascus-steel blade with hammered finish and a brown handle made from walnut wood.

Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Minamo

The Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Minamo series is a three-piece extension of the Shun Premier series. These knives are an artistic combination of Japanese style and European design, featuring distinctive high blades. The combination of black pakka wood and the damascus pattern has turned this Kai shun knife into a unique work of art.

Kai Tim Mälzer Kamagata

The Tim Mälzer Kamagata series is a budget-friendly collection of knives that prioritises functionality, high quality and minimalist aesthetics. . There is a knife for every cutting task. The name 'Kamagata' comes from the knives' characteristic straight edges.

Kai Seki Magoroku Composite

The Seki Magoroko Composite series is a hybrid knife series. Unique within Kai's range, this collection of knives features a distinctive ornate copper line on the blade. It is the dividing line between the two types of steel that were used for the blade. Hence the name 'Composite'.

Kai Seki Magoroku Redwood

The Seki Maroku Redwood series is a budget-friendly series, prioritising sharpness and functionality, recognizable by its reddish-brown D-shaped handle made from pakka wood. The design combines a minimalist basic design with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Kai Seki Magoroku Shoso

The Seki Magoroku Shoso collection distinguishes itself from other Kai collections with its striking design. Completely made from stainless steel and with an ergonomically shaped, non-slip handle. These are truly unique Japanese knives.

Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju & Hekiju

The Seki Moroku Kunju & Hekiju series was specially designed for cutting meat and fish. Therefore, you will mainly find debas and yanagibas, which are traditional Japanese knives for this intended use. The blades are made of highly corrosion-resistant steel.

Kai Wasabi Black

The Wasabi series is an extensive collection. It has everything from santokus to 5-piece knife sets. If you're looking for an inexpensive and high-quality Japanese kitchen knife, look no further. This series is perfect for beginning chefs and amateur chefs.

Kai Michel Bras

The Michel Bras series was specifically designed to suit the wishes and requirements of French chef Michel Bras. These premium knives are breathtakingly beautiful. These knives feature a laminated, black wooden handle and a blade with a black titanium coating. Each knife comes with a unique serial number: that's how special they are!

Kai product types

Kai's range is immense! In addition to knife collections, Kai also excels in the amount of product types they offer. We've listed a few of these for your convenience.

Kai chef's knives

When it comes to high-quality Japanese kitchen knives, Kai is at the absolute top. So with a Kai Shun chef's knife, you are in the right place. From entry-level series for the amateur chef, to professional chef's knives for accomplished chefs.

Kai santoku knives

With a major Japanese brand like Kai, the iconic santoku is a must. The santoku is the Japanese version of a European chef’s knife. They are extremely versatile kitchen knives. Ideal for cutting, crushing and scooping meat, fish and vegetables.

Kai nakiri knives

The nakiri should not be missing from the Kai range either. A nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife, recognisable by its rectangular blade. This is without doubt the knife with which you can effortlessly chop all kinds of vegetables.

Kai bread knives

Kai bread knives are knives with which you can cut all types of bread. From hard crusts to soft buns, from bread rolls to freshly baked bread. Even hard vegetables like pumpkin can be effortlessly cut with a bread knife from Kai.

Kai knife sets

With many sets and series to choose from, there is a suitable knife set for everyone. A knife set is often not only more affordable, it also looks great when your kitchen knives match. We sell all knife sets from Kai. From basic sets to everything you need in the kitchen.

Kai accessories

Though Kai is known for their sublime kitchen knives, but they also offer many accessories. For example, beautiful knife blocks or stunning knife guards for storing your knives. There are also cheese graters and cutting boards. Kai accessories complete your kitchen!

History of Kai

Kai was founded in Seki City, Japan. The forests and water sources in and around Seki are what made the town the perfect base for swordsmiths. During the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) a law was implemented prohibiting the samurai from carrying swords. As a result, swordsmiths were forced to convert their sword-making skills to cutlery, kitchen knives and other cutting tools.

Under these circumstances, Saijiro Endo's older brother opened a factory to produce folding knives. Once he finished school, Saijiro started working in the factory. During his eight-year apprenticeship, he learned the craft and got married. At the age of 20, he opened his own small factory in 1908. That's how Kai started out. After the start of World War I, demand for knives dramatically increased. Despite many difficulties, Saijiro persevered in his craft. His hard work paid off. After producing a very popular folding knife, his fame increased, and he became the number one knife manufacturer in Japan.

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