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Fiskars scissors: over 360 years of experience

Fiskars multi-functional home, garden and kitchen scissors are an indispensable tool for your home. Open a package, cut a sprig of rosemary and then cut a piece of string and paper for gift wrapping. All with the same pair of scissors! With Fiskars scissors, you benefit from this steel manufacturer's years of experience. The design of these orange scissors is over 40 years old and is unbeatable in terms of ergonomics and hygiene. Are you looking to buy Fiskars scissors? You've come to the right place!

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Reasons to choose Fiskars scissors

Fiskars materials

Fiskars uses high-quality stainless steel and a strong type of plastic. As a result, their products are durable and low maintenance. Years of enjoyment, guaranteed!

Fiskars scissors for left-handed people

Fiskars also has scissors specifically for left-handers. The design is reversed to create a comfortable grip for left-handers. The classic left-handed scissors for adults are made of red plastic and are ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks at home and in the office. The Fiskars scissors for left-handers makes cutting more comfortable and fun!

History of Fiskars

The Finnish brand Fiskars dates back to an iron factory from 1649. Now, it is a leading global supplier of products for home, garden and outdoor. The orange colour is a common element that is also present in most of Fiskars' axes. Just because Fiskars is centuries old does not mean there is no room for innovation. Quite the contrary! Fiskars uses modern materials and production techniques. Fiskars makes products that help people make the things they love easier and more fun!