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Maserin steak knives: Italian craftsmanship

Maserin steak knives are more than simply cutlery. These knives are an essential part of your dinner experience. Not only to cut up the perfect steak, but also for other culinary adventures. Maserin has a nice collection of excellent steak knives, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern materials. Maserin's steak knives will not tear your meat, instead, these knives will slice through it with surgical precision.

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Features of Maserin steak knives

Maserin steak knives are the epitome of affordable, Italian quality. From the Italian knife capital Maniago, Maserin supplies many households with excellent knives. Holding these knives in your hand, you'll probably expect a much higher price tag than the one you'll find. These knives offer excellent value for money.

Maserin loves to use beautiful types of wood for their products. From gorgeous Mediterranean olive wood to the more exotic bocote wood. However, they don't flinch away from modern materials like Richlite either.

Though it might be tempting to keep your Maserin steak knives in the drawer with all your other cutlery, we recommend storing them with a bit more care. Use an in-drawer organiser, knife protectors, a knife magnet or a wooden storage box to safely store your knives.