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Tojiro DP3 kitchen knives: high-performance kitchen knives with a Western twist

The DP3 series is what Tojiro calls their 'flagship model'. These are their most popular products. The brand's foundation! What sets these knives apart from the rest of the Tojiro range is the accessible price and Western-style handles. Within this series, you will find various types of kitchen knives. From a chef's knife to a paring knife.

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Features of Tojiro DP3

DP3 blade

The DP3 kitchen knives get their name from the laminated blade that consists of three layers of steel. The core is made of VG10 steel, with 13-chrome stainless steel on either side. This ensures a strong and flexible blade with excellent cutting performance and that is easy to maintain. This forging technique is very well known in Japan and you see it a lot on Japanese kitchen knives.

DP3 handle

The handles of the knives in the DP3 series are designed in Western style and share characteristics with traditional German kitchen knives. The three pins in the handle, the steel bolster and the end of the grip are typical German features. The scales are made of a laminated plastic and can take a beating. The steel bolsters prevent dirt from accumulating in the part between the blade and the handle.