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Suncraft Senzo Classic: classic Japanese kitchen knives made from damascus steel

The Suncraft Senzo Classic is Suncraft's classic series. The blades in this series are made from stainless damascus steel with a core of VG10 steel. The core has been sharpened to a razor-sharp finish, so you can cut everything with ease. The pleasant shape of the hardwood handle ensures the knives are comfortable to hold. Besides the fact that these knives are very pleasant to use, they are also a beautiful asset in the kitchen. Because form is just as important as function!

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Features of Suncraft Senzo Classic

The razor-sharp blade of the Senzo Classic

The VG10 steel core is razor-sharp. The core is laminated on both sides with 16 layers of damascus steel. The razor-sharp VG10 steel means the knives are low maintenance, so you won't have to sharpen these knives as often as other knives, and the steel is very corrosion resistant. The layers of damascus steel alternate between hard and soft steel. This makes the knives very strong, so the blade won't break quickly.

Suncraft Senzo Classic handle made from hardwood

The handle of the Senzo Classic series is made from layers of hardwood. This is compressed with resin. This makes the handle more durable than when it is made from natural wood. It is still advisable to wash these knives by hand, so that they remain beautiful for longer. The steel bolster at the transition between blade and handle provides a nice balance.