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Suncraft Senzo Black: cool Japanese kitchen knives with a pakka wood handle

The Suncraft Senzo Black series is characterized by its dark colour scheme. The damascus steel blade has a deep grey finish and the handle is made from two dark pieces of pakka wood. This colour combination gives the kitchen knives in the Senzo Black series a cool, sophisticated look. Additionally, Suncraft Senzo knives have great cutting capabilities.

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Features of Suncraft Senzo Black

Suncraft Senzo Black blade

The blade is made from stunning damascus steel consisting of 69 layers of steel, with a deep grey etched finish. The core is made from Japanese VG10 steel. This type of steel is popular because of its excellent corrosion resistance and sharpness retention. You have the splendour of the damascus steel and the cutting capabilities of the VG10. The best of both worlds!

Suncraft Senzo Black handle

The handle has a 'Wa-style' octagonal shape that is traditional for Japanese kitchen knives. It is made from two dark pieces of pakka wood, with a white ring between the bolster and the handle for a nice contrast. The handle is tapered, which makes the knife comfortable to hold. Because of the highly contrasting wood grain, each piece of wood is completely unique!

What is noticeable about the Suncraft Senzo Black series is that the handles are slightly raised compared to the blade. This leaves relatively large space for your hand below the handle.