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Magnetic knife blocks: for everyone to admire

Are you proud of your kitchen knife collection? Do you show off your knives to any friends and family that enter your kitchen? Make your kitchen knives the centrepiece of your kitchen! Knife blocks are a great option for knife storage. You can store your knives in a knife block with slots, or you can choose a magnetic knife block. Don't hide your knives away, display them in their full glory.

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How does it work?

You place the blade of the knife against the block and the magnet will make sure the knife stays in place. An additional perk: your knives are fully visible, so you never accidentally grab the wrong one again. A knife block also looks really cool on the kitchen counter!

How to choose the best magnetic knife block

You're looking to buy the best magnetic knife block for your kitchen. There are many factors to keep in mind, such as the design of the knife block, how many knives will fit and the size of the block itself.

When you're looking for a magnetic knife block, your number one question is probably whether the block's magnetism is strong enough to hold your knives. Of course, it is important that your knives can be safely stored on the block. Choose a magnetic knife block with high-quality magnets. The knives should remain in place once attached to the block. Of course, it's also nice to choose a knife block that suits your kitchen in terms of style. For example, a sleek and black knife block suits a modern kitchen, while a wooden knife block might suit a more traditional or rustic kitchen.

Different shapes and sizes of magnetic knife blocks and stands

Magnetic knife blocks come in different shapes and sizes. Some knife blocks fit only four kitchen knives, others as many as twelve. Consider how many knives you'd want to place on the magnetic knife block. On this page, you will find magnetic knife blocks without knives, from popular brands such as Zwilling, Wüsthof, Kai and our own brand Eden. Are you looking for a knife block that comes with knives? Check out our knife sets including knife blocks page.

Eden magnetic knife blocks

Eden's magnetic knife blocks look great in every kitchen. The blocks look amazing, and the sharp edges of your knife will remain undamaged. The blade only comes into contact with wood. The blade will remain sharp, and the cutting edge won't be damaged. The magnetic knife blocks from Eden are strong enough for all types of kitchen knives; from paring knives to cleavers.

Frequently asked questions about magnetic knife blocks