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Buying guide kitchen knife storage

Not sure what is the best way for you to store your kitchen knives? We made an overview of all ways. With its advantages and disadvantages. All to make sure you can easily find the best way to store your kitchen knives.

I want a knife block

Do you have enough room on your counter tops and are you looking for a great way to store your knives? With a knife block you immediately have all your knives within reach but also make sure they are safely stored.

I want a knife magnet

Not enough room on your counter tops? A knife magnet could be the answer. This magnet hangs from your wall and you can simply 'stick' the knives on it. This does not only look amazing, it is also more hygienic than a traditional knife block.

I want a knife bag

A knife bag is the perfect solution if you often take your knives with you. To school, your outdoor kitchen or perhaps even on holiday. You can safely store your knives in a knife bag. Tip: add knife guards to your knives to make sure your knife bag will last longer.

I want a knife guard

If you store your knives in a drawer consider using a knife guard. As such you make sure you won't damage the blade of the knife because it will bump into other tools in your drawer. They come in all shapes and sizes.