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Triangle grater: add the finishing touch to your meals

Triangle graters are the perfect kitchen aid. They are perfect for anyone who loves to cook. From coarse grating surfaces or fine grating surfaces: Triangle has got it all. Moreover, Triangle's graters come with a cool feature. These graters have supports for a pan or bowl, so your ingredients will immediately be where you need them. Safe and mess-free!

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Features of Triangle graters

Triangle's graters are made from stainless steel. As a result, they are low-maintenance and retain their sharpness well. The grating surface features sharp and extremely fine serrated holes. These 'teeth' will shred, grate or mince your ingredients. Many graters come with safe handles and protective caps to keep your fingers safe during use. The graters are made with different patterns on the grating surface, such as fine, coarse, grated, julienne and zest. Each pattern is suitable for specific tasks, such as grating cheese, vegetables, citrus fruits or chocolate. They are perfect for adding flavour and texture to dishes.


Besides functionality, Triangle also values aesthetics. That's why the graters have a modern and stylish design that will look great in any kitchen. Triangle stands for quality and craftsmanship, so you can trust their graters to deliver reliable performance when preparing your favourite dishes. Whether you are a hobby chef in your own kitchen or a true professional, Triangle has something for everyone.

Cutting tools from Solingen

Triangle, like many kitchen knives, is produced in the birthplace of knives: Solingen. The factory is constantly working on new and innovative products. The high quality standards guarantee practical and durable kitchen tools. Every product is individually checked before it leaves the factory; a testament to Triangle's commitment to top quality.