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Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao: elegance in form and function

The knives from the Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao collection combine the best of both worlds. The slim and elegant traditional shapes that have been popular for centuries have been combined with contemporary and elegant materials. The knives from this collection are forged in the French city of Thiers, the beating heart of the French knife industry. Each kitchen knife is forged and polished by hand by an expert. With Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao knives, you bring a piece of the finest French cuisine into your own kitchen.

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Features of Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao

Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao blade

The blades of these knives are made from French 4116N steel. This is an upgrade compared to the standard 1.4116 steel. It's a stainless steel type and thanks to the addition of nitrogen, it's even more tough, strong and hard-wearing. The blade extends all the way into the handle and the bolster extends to the heel of the blade. As a result, the balance is outstanding and the bolster also ensures that your finger does not easily come into contact with the knife's sharp edge.

Lion Sabatier Idéal Provençao handle made from olive wood

The knives' slim handles are made of olive wood and have a seamless design and comfortable, grippy rounded corners. Olive wood offers a natural beauty, durability and comfortable grip. The markings of the olive wood are very pronounced and unique for each knife! Olive wood is naturally oily, giving it water-repellent properties. Great for use in the kitchen. Still, these knives are not dishwasher safe. Wash them by hand after use and make sure the knives are dry before storing them.

Lion Sabatier

Lion Sabatier is known for their top-quality kitchen knives. The company is named after its founder, Lion Sabatier. The brand Lion Sabatier is still known for its quality knives, but when purchasing Sabatier knives, it is important to research the specific origin and reputation of the manufacturer.