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Cheese slicers: the right slicer for every kind of cheese

A cheese slicer shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen drawer. After all, with a cheese slicer you will be able to serve the most delicious slices of cheese. Cheese slicers come in all shapes and sizes. Specific slicers for mild cheeses, but also for hard Parmesan cheeses. And, of course, cheese slicers that are perfect for cheddar cheese that many people enjoy. In short, for each type of cheese the right cheese slicer.

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Features of cheese slicers

Using a cheese slicer has many advantages:

  • Easy to use: simply place the slicer on the cheese and pull it down. The result? Even slices.

  • Nice and thin: the slicer allows you to cut the thinnest slices. Perfect for your sandwiches.

  • No waste: thanks to the cheese slicer, you cut your cheese more efficiently. As such, you'll use every last bit of cheese!

  • For more than just cheese: use the cheese slicer to cut thin slices of cucumber, carrot, courgette or soft potato.

  • Easy to clean: simply clean with water and a mild detergent.

  • Save valuable time: cutting cheese or vegetables is super-fast with a cheese slicer.

  • No mess: avoid messy cheese crumbs, use a sharp slicer!

How to choose the best cheese slicer?

When choosing a cheese slicer, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. For example, it is important to take a close look at the blade. It should be thin enough to easily cut through cheese and make thin, even slices. Some cheese slicers are specially designed for certain types of cheese. Consider the main uses of your cheese slicer. In addition, always check that the surface of the cheese slicer is smooth with no sharp edges. This is important to avoid tearing the cheese and ensure even slices.

There are several brands of cheese slicers on the market, so it's probably a good idea to look into them before buying a cheese slicer. For example, have you already seen Boska's cheese slicers?

Cheese slicer maintenance

To properly maintain your cheese slicer, it is important to rinse it well after each use and clean it by hand using a mild soap. By taking good care of your cheese slicer you make sure it will last a lifetime. It is smart to regularly apply a coat oil to the metal of the cheese slicer to prevent corrosion.

Sharpening a cheese slicer

You do not need to sharpen most cheese slicers, as they are often made of a steel that will retain its sharpness for a long time. It is possible to sharpen a cheese curler, if you notice it has become blunt. Exactly how often you should sharpen it depends on how often you use the curler. You can use a sharpening stone with a fine grit size or a honing steel for this. Be mindful to always do this with caution because a cheese slicer is a delicate kitchen tool.

Frequently asked questions about cheese slicers