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Line-up deluxe

With one of the luxurious knives from this line-up you, as a demanding (amateur)chef, will introduce your kitchen to only the best! Made with a lot of love and craftsmanship and from top-quality materials.

Spyderco Itamae Gyuto

This Spyderco Gyuto knife from the Murray Carter Collection is breathtakingly beautiful. Gyuto literally means 'cow leaf' and is the Japanese equivalent of the Western chef's knife. Because of the versatile design you can use this knife to cut meat, fish and vegetables or use it to chop herbs.

You immediately notice the pattern in the handle when you look at the knife. This brown-black burl G10 is made by mixing different colours of fibreglass. As such you are left with a stunning pattern. This pattern is unique for every knife. Each blade is enhanced with a core made from Aogami Super Blue steel surrounded by layers of SUS410 steel. Because of this classic construction the outer layers protect the ultra-hard carbon steel core. A remarkable knife!

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Robert Herder kitchen knife

Except for the fact that this is a stunning tool this Robert Herder kitchen knife is an homage to the ancient, nearly extinct traditions from the city of Solingen. A truly unique knife that was forged by hand by one of the last old masters in the business: Rudolf Broch.

The knife is razor-sharp and properly finished. It is not that heavy and feels great in hand. Despite the relatively short blade you can use this knife for almost any task in the kitchen. Especially when you cut a lot of vegetables it is perfect. The non-stainless steel blade is traditionally polished blue. A technique that is almost extinct and only used on the most luxurious knives.

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Kai Shun Nagare chef's knife

With this chef's knife from the Nagare collection Kai once again proves that it is a master when it comes to Japanese forging. The blade stands out. This isn't that surprising. During the innovative forging process two types of steel, with different qualities, were combined. It is made from flexible VG2-steel and hard VG10 steel, combined to end up with 72-layers of damasteel. This leaves you with a Rockwell hardness of approx. 61.

The result of this technology is, in addition to the remarkable design of the knife, an incredibly sharp edge that is sharpened on both sides. The combination of the striking design and the remarkable materials is truly convincing on all accounts. 

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Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE C90 chef's knife

As you are introduced to this kitchen knife from the Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE collection your eye is immediately drawn to the amazing damasteel blade. The craftsmanship of real damasteel is reflected in the damast pattern: the left side of the blade is enhanced with a hollow grind and reveals a different pattern than the right which is enhanced with a flat grind. The edge is wafer-thin and razor-sharp. The blade merges with an amazingly shaped handle. This white to reddish-brown wood comes from a part of Eastern Finland and Russia. Not particularly hard, but with a density of 700 kg/m³, very sustainable in use. The division between the handle and blade is finished with a silver crop.

This Nesmuk knife is the absolute top. The combination of precision, ease and weight is characterizing for the German Nesmuk. The fact is that these knives have an amazing design. We do however have to admit: when you use this knife you will truly understand and feel how exclusive this knife really is. Are you up for it?

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Not a fan of these knives? Whether you are a professional or amateur chef, a vegetarian or enjoy a piece of meat, whether you work in a large or small kitchen: we made a selection of kitchen knives for everyone.

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