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Poultry Line-up

For many people 'The Holiday Season' is about enjoying delicious meals. Often poultry is served as the main dish. Popular choices are a deliciously stuffed turkey, a traditional goose or simply a nice piece of chicken the way your grandmother used to prepare it.

But when you prepare poultry you do need the right tools. Especially for the holidays we made a line-up of knives perfect when preparing poultry.

Eden Classic Damast carving knife

When you want to cut a (thin) slice of meat you use a carving knife. Whether you are cutting poultry or any other type of meat, this knife is indispensable. A carving knife is enhanced with an extra-low blade to make sure you have less contact surface between the meat and the knife. As such the slices don't stick to the blade. The razor-sharp knife nicely cuts the meat without tearing it. As such the flavour is maintained as well. We chose the Eden Classic Damast carving knife for our line-up. And it is not only a top-quality product, it also looks amazing. The damascus leaves a nice pattern on the blade.

Please note: you should only use a carving knife to cut meat. You cannot cut through bones with the thin blade. For the bones you need a heavy-duty tool.

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Zwilling Twin Select poultry shears ZW42931-000-0

We also added the before mentioned heavy-duty tool to our line-up in the form of the Zwilling Twin Select poultry shears. Poultry shears are designed as such they can cut through, for instance, bones, tendons and joints of poultry. The leverage effect of the shears is enhanced by the slightly curved shape. It ensures you don't have to apply too much pressure.

You won't easily hurt yourself with the Zwilling Twin Select poultry shears. The sharp blades of the scissors are enhanced with a serrated edge. These serrations ensure that you have more grip over the product you cut. As such the chances of you slipping are a lot smaller. Thanks to the safety hook the scissors won't accidentally open. After use you, of course, properly want to clean the shears. This is also a piece of cake, because you can easily take the shears apart to clean them by hand.

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Zwilling Pro boning knife

You now have the right tools to cut through bones, but you, of course, don't want to serve bones. To neatly remove the meat from the bones you use this boning knife from the Zwilling Pro collection. The blade is very thin and flexible. As such it moves easily, which is important if you want to accurately cut in between the meat and the bones. That's how you can easily remove the meat from the bones, leaving nothing behind!

The blade of the Zwilling Pro boning knife is forged from one piece of steel and runs throughout the entire plastic handle: the classic 'full tang' construction. Because the transition from the handle to the metal is seamless, no dirt can get caught in between. The plastic handle is also easy to clean. Very hygienic!

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Robert Herder turning knife

Finally, we shouldn't only think about the poultry itself. Which knife will you use to cut the ingredients for the stuffing? Or to prepare delicious side dishes? That is why we added the Robert Herder turning knife to our line-up. This knife is perfect for the smaller cutting tasks. But you can also use the turning knife to peel ingredients. But that is not all, you can use the knife cut food into a specific shape. Great if you want to present your dish in a specific way. Need some help in the kitchen as you prepare your feast? This knife comes in a set of three, to make sure others can help you as well.

This turning knife is a part of the collection of famous Robert Herder mill knives. These are known for their quality. The blade is made from pure stainless steel and sharpened by hand according to the principle of the traditional ‘Solinger Dünnschliff’. This is a sharpening style that leaves you with a wafer-thin blade with a low sharpening angle. As such the edge is razor-sharp. The stunning red beech wood handle is seamlessly attached to the blade with three rivets.

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With these knives (and shears) you have all tools you might need to prepare the most delicious dishes. Use social media to let us know what you will prepare with our knives during the holiday season!