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Line-up: fish lovers

There is no other way to truly hurt a fish lover than ruining a wonderfully fresh fish with the wrong knife. That is why we will highlight the perfect knives in this line-up to make sure you can prepare your fish with love. From filleting to decorating.

Wüsthof Classic Ikon salmon knife

You use this Wüsthof Classic Ikon salmon knife to cut thin, even slices of salmon. You can easily do so thanks to the flexible, thin blade. The dimples make sure the salmon doesn't stick to the blade. It makes it even easier to cut thin, perfect slices. And because the knife doesn't contain a crop - the thick part at the side of the handle - you can use the entire blade. As such you don't have to 'saw' the fish. Combined with the rounded tip it is almost impossible to damage the salmon as you cut it.

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Kai Wasabi Black-deba

The blade of this Kai Wasabi Deba knife is enhanced with a special shape. The spine of the blade is rounded and ends up in a sharp tip. Designed to fillet fish (bones and vertebrae) and shellfish. To make sure it can handle quite a lot the blade is a little thicker and the edge is sharpened on one side while the other side is hollow. Because the knife doesn't have a crop you can use the entire edge. This also makes it easier to sharpen. The asymmetrical handle is made from a combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene. As such the handle is sustainable, waterproof and feels great in hand

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Opinel flexible filleting knife

With this flexible Opinel filleting knife you can easily cut through a piece of fish. Even filleting is a lot easier. The balance between the blade and the handle is perfect. As such the knife is amazing to work with. Thanks to the thin, flexible blade you can carefully fillet the fish. You have a lot of control over the knife to quickly remove scales, skin and fat. This filleting knife from the Parallèle collection is enhanced with a wooden handle. The wood is protected by a clear lacquered finish. As such the handle stays in great condition and is protected from bacteria. The wood can contain small nuances in colour, it is the charm of a natural product. 

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Z-Profi oyster knife

Opening an oyster is actually really simple. As long as you know the right tips and tricks and use a good knife. This EZ-Profi oyster knife, for instance. With this knife everyone can easily open oysters without having to apply too much pressure. The base of the knife is enhanced with the so-called 'fin' with which the oysters can be opened with one simple movement. This wing works like a type of lever. Want to learn more about opening oysters? We will show you how you can easily open an oyster. Another tip to keep in mind: use an oyster glove. 

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Robert Herder 1922 paring knife

The Robert Herder paring knife from the 1922 collection is a tribute to the rich history of Robert Herder.  Named after the year during which the knife, which the design of this classic was based on, was produced for the first time. The blade is still enhanced with a thin grind which was applied according to the traditional Solinger Dünschliff. As such this knife is amazing to use. To produce a thin knife you need, in addition to craftsmanship, a strong type of steel. It is why Robert Herder uses (non-stainless) carbon steel instead of weaker stainless steel. The ergonomics are also great. The handle with rounded shapes is slim and graceful and fits perfectly in hand. Made for the more precise cutting tasks.

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Not a fan of these knives? Whether you are a professional or amateur chef, a vegetarian or enjoy a piece of meat, whether you work in a large or small kitchen: we made a selection of kitchen knives for everyone. Which set will suit you best?