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Top 5 sharpening systems

Sharpening systems come in different shapes and sizes. In this top 5 list, we highlight 5 sharpening systems that we think are currently the best on the market. Read the full product description and the reviews to discover which sharpening system is right for you!

  1. Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust WSBCHPAJ-PRO-I sharpening system

    Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust WSBCHPAJ-PRO-I sharpening system

    This sharpening system is the larger and upgraded version of the super-popular Work Sharp Precision Adjust. With the biggest upgrades being the solid, metal construction, the digital angle indicator and the addition of a 'small knife table' that allows you to sharpen even the smallest pocket and kitchen knives. All in all, a very well-designed sharpening system suitable for sharpening most pocket knives and small kitchen knives.

    4 220,00 kr
    In stock
  2. HORL 2 knife sharpener walnut wood, HO2N-SET

    HORL 2 knife sharpener walnut wood, HO2N-SET

    HORL-1993 turned the sharpening world upside down with the HORL rolling knife sharpener. This sharpening system is so stylish, we wouldn't blame you if you left it out on your countertop as decoration. In addition to looking great, this system is also very effective. Attach the knife to the magnetic knife holder and roll the sharpener along the knife. It doesn't get any easier than that. This HORL is a beautiful sharpening system that excels in sharpening kitchen knives.

    1 917,00 kr
    In stock
  3. Spyderco Sharpmaker, 204MF

    Spyderco Sharpmaker, 204MF

    A timeless favourite. Since 2008, this sharpening system has been one of the most popular options. And it's not just one of our favourites, it's a favourite all over the world! The sharpening rods can be inserted into the plastic base at two sharpening angles after which you simply move the knife along the sharpening rods. Simple yet effective. And that's exactly what you're looking for in a sharpening system! This sharpening system was specifically designed for pocket knives, though it's also possible to sharpen your kitchen knives and even bread knives!

    1 455,10 kr
    In stock
  4. Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro sharpening system

    Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro sharpening system

    The cutting-edge brand in the sharpening industry? Wicked Edge! And the Generation 3 Pro sharpening system is definitely Wicked Edge's showpiece. It excels in accuracy and easily repeatable results. This is where Wicked Edge shows you what it's made of. The sharpening angle can be set to the desired degree, after which it becomes practically impossible to use the wrong angle. This sharpening system is suitable for kitchen knives and larger pocket knives. Accessories are also available for thick survival knives or scissors. So take a quick look: the perfect edge awaits!

    16 879,00 kr
    ± 3 days
  5. Edge Pro Apex 4, sharpening system

    Edge Pro Apex 4, sharpening system

    The Edge Pro Apex is a simple yet capable sharpening system. Unfold the legs, adjust the sharpening angle and place the blade against the metal plate on the base. The only thing left to do is to move the sharpening stone from side to side. You can customise the Apex to your own preferences with the many available accessories for the Apex. The Apex 4 comes with different sharpening stones with different grit sizes.

    3 798,00 kr
    In stock

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