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How do you sharpen with a HORL 2?

Sharpening a knife with the HORL 2, is it really as simple as it looks? Yes it is! With the HORL 2 sharpening your kitchen knives will be a piece of cake. We will tell you how to do it.

What is the HORL 2?

Let's start by giving some more information about the HORL 2. When you sharpen your knife with a 'normal' sharpening stone, you move the knife over a sharpening stone. The HORL is different, because with this system you roll the stone alongside the edge of the knife. You don't need water, and a magnet ensures that your knife will automatically use the right sharpening angle.

What do you need?

You want to sharpen your knife with the HORL 2: what do you need?

  • A blunt kitchen knife. You need something to sharpen.
  • The HORL 2 knife sharpener. It is comprised of the sharpener itself and the magnet that makes sure the knife stays in place.

This is how you sharpen your knives with the HORL 2

Sharpening with the HORL 2 is a real piece of cake. You start by placing your knife against the magnet. Go with a 15 or 20-degree sharpening angle. The 15-degree sharpening angle is mostly suited for Japanese kitchen knives. The 20-degree angle is great for Western kitchen knives. The steel of a Western knife is namely a little softer. It cannot be sharpened at a 15-degree angle. Because this system allows you to also sharpen at a 20-degree angle you can also use the HORL 2 to sharpen most pocket knives.

When you attach the knife to the magnetic base you move the system alongside the knife. You start with the diamond-coated sharpening disc (J400 grit). With it you ensure that your knife is quickly straightened out and enhanced with a fixed sharpening angle. You do this approx. one minute per side.

Afterwards you turn the sharpener over and use the ceramic sharpening disc (J1000 grit). With it you make sure your knife will be razor-sharp in no time. You also do this approx. one minute per side. And that's it! Your knife will be good as new again. It is that simple.

Do make sure that after you sharpen your knife you clean the silicone rubber and the knife to prevent scratches.

Other sharpening angle than 15 or 20 degrees

With the magnetic base you secure your knife at a 15 or 20-degree angle. But what if your knife is sharpened at a different angle, for instance at 18 degrees? No problem at all! You can still sharpen your knife with the HORL 2.

You can also easily choose a sharpening angle for your knife. If you namely sharpen the knife long enough at a specific angle, it ends up with that angle. We do list the sharpening angle of the knives as we measure it, but it can differ per knife. Many knives are namely sharpened by hand, and not always at perfectly the right angle. If you order a knife that is listed as enhanced with a 20-degree angle, it could also be the case that yours has an 18 or 22-degree angle. But that is not a bad thing. In this article we will tell you more about sharpening angles.

We do recommend sticking to the sharpening angle that was listed by the supplier. So don't sharpen a 20-degree angle knife with the 15-degree side to end up with a sharper angle.

Sharpening a serrated knife

You can also sharpen serrated knives (like bread knives) with the HORL 2. For it, however, you don't need the magnetic base. The reason is that the edge of a serrated knife is, in general, not enhanced with a 15 or 20-degree angle and you cannot change the angle of a serrated knife. Compared to other types of knives.

When sharpening a serrated knife you hold the knife in hand. Rotate the sharpener to make sure only the edge of the stone hits the edge. Rotate the knife as such that you sharpen the edge of the knife and roll she sharpener alongside the knife. Hold the sharpener at an angle.

Exchanging the sharpening discs

The HORL 2 comes with two sharpening discs: a diamond-coated sharpening disc (J400 grit) and a ceramic sharpening disc (J1000 grit). But you can also use sharpening discs with a different grain size. You can namely easily exchange the discs. You save them in a stunning, matching HORL sharpening stone holder. It is, like the sharpening discs and the HORL displays, sold separately.