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Buying guide: Wicked Edge sharpening systems

Wicked Edge sharpening systems are all highly advanced sharpening systems that allow you to sharpen knives with unparalleled precision. There are a number of different systems within the Wicked Edge range. And several versions of these systems are available, with a wide selection of included accessories. But which system will suit you best? This article will lay out the similarities and differences between each series!

Similarities between Wicked Edge sharpening systems

As mentioned above, Wicked Edge makes a number of systems, all of which have their own specific attributes. All of the Wicked Edge sharpening systems adhere to the following basic principle. You place your knife with the spine in an upright clamp, determine the preferred sharpening angle and slide the sharpening stones with the desired grit size on both sides over the guiding rods. You then place the first rod against the heel of the blade and move the stone towards the tip. In doing so, you use the entire length of the sharpening stone, which means you don't just move it sideways but also upwards. The Wicked Edge sharpening stones can be used on any Wicked Edge sharpening system.

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener

The Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener is the most 'basic' Wicked Edge sharpening system. It is available in three versions. The WE100, WE120 and the WE130. These Precision Sharpeners consist of a clamp, a degree bar to determine the sharpening angle, two guiding rods and four sharpening stones (grit 100/200 and 400/600). The Precision Sharpener is supplied without a base.

The WE100 has a minimum sharpening angle of 15 degrees and a maximum sharpening angle of 30 degrees. The WE120 and WE130 both have a sharpening angle of 13 to 35 degrees. The difference between the WE120 and WE130 is that the latter version has a quick-release clamp. The sprung halves of the clamp ensure that the knife is always neatly centred. And you can secure or loosen the clamp with only one movement. By contrast, you secure the 'normal' clamp with screws on one side, while the other side is immobile. This means there is a small chance of a slight difference in the sharpening angle between both sides of the knife you are sharpening.

Wicked Edge Pro Pack

The Pro Pack collection consists of three editions, rather fittingly named the Pro Pack 1, 2 and 3. In terms of accessories available, this is the most versatile Wicked Edge system. All Pro Packs have the following accessories: an aluminium base, six different two-sided sharpening stones (three for each side of your knife), two leather strops with diamond paste, an Allen key to secure the clamp, a mini ruler, and a 'depth key' that you can use to secure your knife perpendicularly in the clamp at the desired height.

Pro Pack 1

The Pro Pack 1 Sharpening System is the standard version. It has all the accessories mentioned above and a clamping claw that you fasten with screws.

Pro Pack 2

The Pro-Pack 2 comes with a couple of handy additions to the Pro Pack 1. The Pro Pack 2 offers two additional ceramic sharpening stones for finer polishing, and an incredibly practical digital angle meter to accurately determine the desired sharpening angle.

Pro Pack 3

The Pro-Pack 3 is the most extensive version. This sharpening system has all the accessories mentioned above. The biggest difference on this sharpening system is the clamp. Only the Pro Pack 3 has the quick-release clamp that makes it super quick and easy to clamp your knives.

Furthermore, when you purchase the Pro Pack 3 you will receive a large selection of sharpening stones, polishing tape, Jende diamond stropping emulsion, an advanced angle guide, low angle adapter, and a sturdy roller case with space for all the standard supplied parts, but also some free space for any accessories to be purchased separately.

Wicked Edge Generation 3

The Generation 3 is Wicked Edge's flagship product. Like the Pro Pack 3, this sharpening system has a clamping claw with quick-release function. For the Generation 3, the entire unit is placed on a large aluminium base. This base ensures that the sharpening system is always stable, and it also serves as a storage place for Wicked Edge sharpening stones. Another way that the Generation 3 differs from the other collections is how the sharpening angle is set. This is done via a lever, so you no longer have to move the guiding rods by hand. In addition, you will know for sure that both sides are at the exact same angle, a clear advantage compared to the other systems.

The Generation 3 comes in a very solid, robust roller case. It has enough room for the supplied parts, and also has extra room for any other accessories purchased separately.


All the Wicked Edge sharpening systems have the same essence. What differentiates the sharpening systems from each other is the clamp and the supplied accessories. Choosing between sharpening systems is never easy, but hopefully it is now a bit clearer what the similarities and differences are. Whether you decide to go for a Precision Sharpener, Pro Pack or a Generation 3, a Wicked Edge sharpening system is one of the most accurate and expandable sharpening systems you can have at home.