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What can you do to save energy?

Considering the high cost of electricity and gas, there is no time like the present to make the switch to alternative energy sources. To help everyone along, we have listed the most practical and simply useful products. As such, we hope to contribute to a sustainable future and to help you lower the cost of your utility bill. You could consider alternative methods of generating electricity. A wood burning stove can be an alternative to gas.

Let's start with one of the most important things, namely heat. Fortunately, there are some alternatives, such as burning wood stoves. What does a wood burning stove need? Wood, of course! In order to split this wood into perfect pieces, we offer a range of amazing products. For the less experienced lumberjacks we have a simple wood splitter: the Kindling Cracker. For the advanced lumberjacks we offer a rich assortment of axes and maintenance tools.

You, however, are going to need more than pieces of wood. Of course, it still needs to catch fire, so light it up! To pull this off, we offer many helpful tools. We have featured our most popular fire starters here. Tinder, firesteels and lighters. You will find these and many more on our fire starters page.

Off grid power

With our off grid power solutions you can generate your own power regardless of the circumstances. Perfect for charging your smartphone or GPS! With the Off Grid Power products you use the power of the wind or the sun to charge your smartphone, camera, GPS or flashlight. In addition, it is sustainable! Keep in mind, however, that with solar or wind power, you do depend on the weather.

Besides generating your own electricity, it is also important that you're able to store this electricity. You can easily save your generated electricity for later use with a power bank. The main differences between a power bank and a power station are the size and the maximum charging capacity. A power bank is easy to take with you wherever you go, as they easily fit in your bag or pockets.

We hope this article will help you lower your utility bill.