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Gearmix: gardening with Barebones

Barebones stands for next-level gardening. The brand combines classic designs, modern production methods and robust materials. No unnecessary frills, only the bare bones. As such the products will last a lifetime and do what they are supposed to. Today, tomorrow and the years after. Your gardening tools have never looked this amazing.

Items in this Gearmix

1. Barebones Hori Hori Classic garden knife

The Hori Hori classic is an extremely versatile garden tool. You use it to weed in delicate spots in the garden, cut through roots, saw through thin branches, or plant bulbs at the perfect depth. This Barebones garden knife is a robust version with a walnut wood handle.

2. Barebones Prunes & Sheath pruning shears

These Artisan Pruning Shears are simple pruning shears for pruning flowers and thin twigs. The long, pointed blade allows you to cut very precisely. And the narrow handles make it very easy to control. The shears provide little resistance, making cutting very easy.

3. Barebones Timber Saw hand saw

The Timber Saw hand saw is inspired by the famous Japanese handsaws. This saw is ideal for daily pruning tasks, from cutting branches to trimming trees. The traditional Japanese saws are pull saws, but this saw cuts through the wood with the push stroke. The saw comes with a solid polyester sheath with cool leather accent.