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Head torches for bushcraft purposes: 3 indispensable winners

Bushcraft means going back to your roots, to living the life the way your ancestors did. It makes you feel incredibly free. This, however, doesn't mean you should be left in the dark. Especially during situations where you haven't mastered the skills you need just yet. Proper lighting like a head torch will then come in handy. Of course you want to respect nature as you embark upon a new adventure and we took that into account.With these three Fenix head torches you can enjoy nature at its full extent without bothering it.

Fenix HM65R rechargeable head torch

The Fenix HM65R is very practical. Mostly because of the high light output of 1400 lumens, but also because it is enhanced with two different beams. As such you can set up the light to your own preferences. The HM65R is also enhanced with a low 8 lumen moonlight mode. As such you can light up objects up close without blinding yourself. Combined with a weight of only 97 grams this head torch is perfect for bushcraft purposes.

  • Maximum light output: 1400 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 7
  • IP-norm: IP68, dust and waterproof (when held underwater)
  • Light colour: white
  • Additional light modes: none

Fenix HP30R rechargeable head torch

With the Fenix HP30R you have three LED lights at your disposal. Two LED lights for a broad beam at short distances and one LED light with a large reflector for long distances. As such you have a beam distance of 202 meters. Also great: the head torch is enhanced with a separate battery pack. You can carry it in your pocket or backpack with the long cable. You can also use the battery pack as a power bank to charge your phone. Multi-functional!

  • Maximum light output: 1750 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 9
  • IP-norm: IP68, dust and waterproof (when held underwater)
  • Light colour: white
  • Additional light modes: SOS

Fenix Hl32R rechargeable head torch

The Fenix HL32R shouldn't be missing from this list. The compact size in combination with the light weight have turned this light into a real companion while camping. A light that will offer enough light to light up your surroundings will be enough. If, however, you wish to quickly light up something you can use the 600 lumen 'burst mode'. If you need to light up a lot of objects that are located up close, you can also use the red light. This colour is better for your eyes and enables you to maintain your night vision. This colour also attracts fewer insects; who wouldn't want that!

  • Maximum light output: 600 lumens
  • Number of light modes: 9
  • IP-norm: IP66, dust proof and protected from downpours.
  • Light colour: white, red.
  • Additional light modes: SOS, burst

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a way of life. It is, after all, so much more than simply learning survival techniques like with survival. It is also about consciously choosing to stay outside and cooperate with nature. Want to learn more? Real all about it in our infotopic "Bushcraft: so much more than only survival".