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Fällkniven A1: a large and versatile outdoor knife

The Fällkniven A1 is a large outdoor knife, popular amongst bushcraft enthusiasts, survival enthusiasts and hunters. The A1 is the biggest knife in the 1 collection. With a blade length of 16 cm, this knife has already been dubbed a bushcraft sword. Despite its size, it's still a versatile knife to take with you. This knife can do it all: from cutting work to chopping tasks.

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Features of the Fällkniven A1

Fällkniven A1: have an A1 day!

The Fällkniven A1 is an all-round fixed knife that can withstand the most extreme circumstances. From cutting a piece of paracord to splitting kindling: the A1 can handle it! The A1 is available in several steel grades including VG10 and CoS (Cobalt Special). Both steel types are very strong and can be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. The blade is made from laminated steel. This means that the CoS or VG10 core is placed between two layers of softer, more stainless steel. As a result, the blade can handle quite a lot.

Fällkniven A1 handle

The handle of the original A1 is made from Kraton. This is a very sturdy plastic that is resistant to moisture, heat and falls. The newer versions, like Fällkniven's other knives, have a handle made of slightly stronger and more elastic Thermorun that cushions blows to the blade well and offers plenty of grip. The handle covers the entire tang, save for a protrusion at the back of the handle. Having the metal covered by scales is particularly useful in cold climates, where low temperatures and humidity can lead to stiff fingers or even frost damage from prolonged contact with steel.

Fällkniven A1 convex grind

Many fixed knives produced by Fällkniven are enhanced with a convex grind. That means that the edge is slightly rounded (hence the name convex) as it tapers off to the finest point of the cutting edge along the blade. As a result, the blade gets that famous convex shape that characterizes the convex grind. It gives the knife a stronger edge than a flat grind. Contrary to what is often thought, sharpening a convex grind is actually not difficult at all! Read more about sharpening convex grinds here.