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WESN EDC gear: American industrial design and Scandinavian minimalism

WESN pocket knives are designed in Detroit, USA. Billy Chester, the creator and chief executive officer of WESN, traces his heritage back to Sweden. The combination of Swedish minimalism and American style is the pride and joy of WESN; it's evident in the materials and designs of the products. The brand now has a nice range aimed at fans of EDC gear, like compact pocket knives or a medium-sized fixed blade. WESN exclusively uses high-quality materials that in some way connect to their American and Swedish roots.

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More than 16.000 products
Fast delivery from our own stock
Free shipping over 1200 kr
Free returns within 30 days
More than 16.000 products

Why choose WESN?

When you choose WESN, you choose quality and durability. Are you looking to buy a knife or tool that lasts a lifetime and will brighten up your adventures, so you can have a cool story to accompany your knife? A story you'd like to tell your grandchildren when you pass on this knife to them? Choose WESN. Not only does WESN produce tools you can rely on, the brand also offers a service you can depend on. All of WESN's products come with a lifelong warranty on material and manufacturing defects. This company will always try to repair your product when possible, so you'll get your own knife back!


The Microblade

Size might not matter that much, but it can be relevant when you want to carry a knife. WESN's The Microblade was designed with availability in mind. The result is a small knife that you can take everywhere, small enough even to attach to your bunch of keys.

The Allman

It's WESN's one-size-fits-all knife. This knife strikes the perfect balance between size, weight and ease-of-use. If you had to choose just one knife to take with you, this is the one you'd pick. Available in different handle materials and colours to ensure you can make this knife your own.

The Henry

The Henry is classic WESN. It's a modern version of a classic slipjoint knife.

The Samla

This friction-folder was inspired by Scandinavian culture and living in tune with nature. The flatgrind knife with a sheepsfoot blade shape is perfect for food prep and gathering ingredients on your hikes.

The Bornas

The Bornas is the only fixed knife in WESN's range. This knife is based on the traditional tradesman knife, making it ideal for outdoor purposes and craftsmen alike.

WESN product types

EDC pocket knives

WESN designs pocket knives for EDC use. From small keychain knives to all-purpose pocket knives for bigger cutting tasks.

EDC fixed knives

WESN's range includes one fixed EDC knife, the Bornas. This knife is available with different sheaths and handle materials.


To complete your EDC gear, WESN also offers a range of carabiners and quick-release keychains.

History of WESN

The brand's foundation was laid when Billy Chester received a knife from a friend, as a token of their friendship. When he received the knife, he didn't know how much it would mean to him years later. Billy believes that the EDC you carry should say something about you as a person. Even though Billy didn't initially plan to found a new brand, he started WESN in 2017. He was looking for a knife that fit his criteria and requirements. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he began to find ways to create the perfect knife, made from the best materials. The type of knife you proudly display, instead of hiding it away in your junk drawer.

That's when Billy started a Kickstarter project, so he could create this perfect knife for a few people. Suddenly, over 3000 people were supporting his project. It became apparent that there's a lot of demand for a product designed in accordance with these core values. Now, WESN's range includes many cool EDC products, designed to be practical, functional and incredibly durable. Pocket knives are not just a tool to be used though, they can also be fashion pieces to suit your active lifestyle. With this in mind, WESN designs their products in minimalist style with unparalleled functionality. Even though it's a relatively new brand, they're quickly collecting a large fanbase!

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