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LionSteel T6 knife: a tactical, all-round field knife for heavy-duty use

The LionSteel T6 is a large, sturdy fixed knife. You can see it as the middle child of the family, because its size falls exactly between the LionSteel T5 and the M7. Just like the T5 and the M7, the T6 is very solidly constructed. This knife is designed to be an all-round tactical field knife. From making a fire to food preparation, the LionSteel T6 has got you covered.

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Features of the LionSteel T6

LionSteel T6 blade

The blade is made from CPM 3V steel. This is an extremely tough, strong, American type of steel. If you watch reviews of CPM 3V on Youtube, you will see that this steel is optimised to be incredibly tough. This LionSteel T6 can really take a beating! CPM 3V retains its sharpness well and is easy to sharpen. You do need to be careful with acids, salt and moisture: CPM 3V is not completely stainless. It may form a patina over time. Or even rust, if you don't maintain it well. Fortunately, a little bit of oil goes a long way.

LionSteel T6 handle

A characteristic feature of the LionSteel T6 is the micarta handle. This handle is milled from one piece of micarta. As a result, the handle is very strong. It also feels great in hand. You can sense straight away that this knife can handle quite a lot. The large finger guard at the front of the handle gives you plenty of grip on the knife. It keeps your fingers away from the edge when you're using the knife for heavier tasks. The handle is large - large enough to hold it with a full fist. Even while wearing gloves.

LionSteel T6 sheath

The LionSteel T6 comes in a handy kydex belt sheath. It has a nylon belt loop (max. belt width 10 cm). This belt loop also functions as an extended MOLLE attachment. This gives you the freedom to carry the T6 any way you want.