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Lights for on the campsite: 3 winners

When you go camping a good light is indispensable. Camping lights are light-weight, sustainable and multi-functional. Fenix also develops lights that are great for on the campsite. But which light should you take with you when you go camping? We have listed three winners: a typical camping light, a head torch and a flashlight. After all, whether you are looking for great atmospheric light for in your tent, want to read a book at night or are looking for something in your bag in the dark; there is always a suitable Fenix light for you.

Fenix CL26R rechargeable LED camping light

The Fenix CL26R is a well though-out LED camping light. It is nice and compact and very powerful for its size. With a maximum light output of 400 lumens it will easily light up an area with a diameter of 25 meters. You can easily place this camping light on your table or hang it. In addition, switching to the desired light mode is a piece of cake. Even if you are looking for great atmosheric light the Fenix CL26R will do the trick. The light nicely spreads out and the warm colour of the light creates a great atmosphere. Tip: also read our Expert Review written by Koen van der Jagt.

  • Maximum light output: 400 lumens
  • Maximum burn time: 400 hours
  • Number of light modes: 8
  • Beam distance: 25 meters
  • White and red light

Fenix HL32R rechargeable head torch

The Fenix HL32R is a light-weight, rechargeable head torch and a true all-rounder. The compact size in combination with the light weight have turned this light into a real companion while camping. The two LED lights have 9 light modes. With the two switches on top of the head torch you can choose between different beams. The head torch can be recharged via USB. If you prefer a head torch that works with batteries you can check out the comparable Fenix HL30. Head torches are incredibly practical on the campsite because you will always keep both hands free.

  • Maximum light output: 300 lumens
  • Maximum burn time: 200 hours
  • Number of light modes: 9
  • Beam distance: 73 meters
  • White and red light

Fenix UC30 LED-flashlight

The Fenix UC30 flashlight is small enough to easily take with you and has enough light modes to be useful in many different situations. With the UC30 the lowest mode has 5 lumens. That is enough to see in the dark and maintain your night vision. This flashlight is, because of its size and powerful performances, incredibly versatile and perfect for on the campsite.

  • Maximum light output: 1000 lumens
  • Maximum burn time: 150 hours
  • Number of light modes: 6
  • Beam distance: 253 meters
  • White light

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