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Eye relief - Binoculars

Eye relief is the distance between the ocular lens and the exit pupil. Eye relief is particularly important for people who wear glasses because their eyes are situated further from the eye piece than people who do not wear glasses.

This means that eyeglass wearers require a longer eye relief so that they can see the entire field of view. A comfortable eye relief distance for eyeglass wearers is about 16 mm. Of course, eyeglass wearers do not necessarily have to wear their glasses when looking through binoculars. The dioptric correction system combined with the focusing ability of the binoculars always renders a clear and crisp image. Obviously, this means that you have to constantly put on your glasses and remove them. It is a just question of deciding for yourself what works best for you in your own situation.

Eyeglass wearers may decide to opt for High Eye Point binoculars. These binoculars ensure that the entire field of view is visible from a greater distance.

For eyeglass wearers, not only is the eye relief an important consideration, but also the so-called effective eye relief. This is the eye relief minus the projecting part of the lens hoods. This effective eye relief must therefore be great enough to be able to bridge the distance between the glasses and the eyes.