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Why choose a monocular?

A monocular is an optical tool that you look through with one eye. This provides many advantages compared to roof prism or porro binoculars. Size and weight, for instance. Here is our rundown of the benefits of a monocular.

Super compact

One of the main reasons to choose a monocular is that it is seriously small and lightweight. You can easily take it with you wherever you go. Hiking, travelling, or maybe even to a concert or festival. After all, a monocular is basically half a pair of binoculars. This means that a monocular is also about half the weight of binoculars. And it's so small that it always fits in your bag. Perfect!

Easy bird tracking

Because you only look through a monocular with one eye, you still have one eye free to follow a fast-moving animal. It takes a little practice, but you'll be able to multitask with your monocular in no time. And because it's so small, you immediately have the monocular at the ready if you have an unexpected encounter with that one rare bird.

You can easily operate a monocular with 1 hand

Another advantage of a monocular is that it's very easy to use it one-handed. You can easily keep your other hand free for other things. Your bird book, for example.


You may have already noticed: good binoculars can be quite an investment. The advantage of a monocular is that it's generally a lot cheaper to buy. After all, you are buying 'half' a pair of binoculars. So you can get your hands on a really nice viewing tool for a more wallet-friendly price.

2D or 3D

You'll notice: we're big fans of monoculars. It almost seems like there are no downsides to the monocular compared to binoculars. That isn't entirely true. Because you're only looking with one eye, you miss out on the depth effect. So your image becomes 2D instead of 3D. It also looks a little less composed, because you have to keep one eye closed to focus on the image through the monocular.

In short, the monocular is great for quick access. Furthermore, you can take it anywhere due to its compact size and low weight. Have you also become a fan of monoculars? Then have a look at all monoculars here.