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What are good marine binoculars?

The most important feature of good pair of water sport binoculars is, of course, that it needs to be waterproof. Obviously. For that reason you should always go with a nitrogen filled pair. In addition to the fact that these binoculars are waterproof, no condensation can occur in the lens. Another important factor is the magnification factor. On a swaying boat you prefer a stable image, for that reason you should select a magnification of 7x or maximum 8x. A floating carrier belt makes sure the pair won't sink to the bottom when it falls overboard!

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    What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing binoculars for on the water?

    Magnification factor of the pair

    The magnification factor for marine binoculars should be about 7 - 8x. Much larger would not make sense because it also magnifies the movements of the binoculars. As a result you are left with an unstable image. And because a boat moves it is even harder to keep your binoculars still. For binoculars that are used out on the water short distance focus is not that important. After all, the pair will mostly be used to explore the horizon. Not to look for butterflies at 1.5 meters.

    Waterproof binoculars

    You, of course, take a pair of binoculars outside, looking for remarkable animals, even when it rains. Let's say you take the binoculars with you on a holiday to a tropical rain forest where the humidity is high. It is then not practical if the image becomes cloudy because of moisture. For that reason it is important that a pair is waterproof. The binoculars filled with nitrogen or argon are already waterproof because otherwise they would lose their gas filling. As such these binoculars will not fog up when there are large(r) differences in temperature. A big advantage!

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