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Top 5 Nakiri knives

Nakiri knives are becoming more and more popular. This isn't that surprising considering the fact that we live in a world where a healthy way of living has become really important. A nakiri is namely a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. This is, without a doubt, the knife you use to finely cut carrots, cucumber, cabbage and any other types of vegetables. You recognize a nakiri by its rectangular blade. In this top 5 we have listed the five most popular nakiri knives.

  1. Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus WA nakiri 16 cm, 07253-D

    Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus WA nakiri 16 cm, 07253-D

    This nakiri from the Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus WA-collection is made and sharpened by hand in Japan. The knife is enhanced with a blade with a core from Swedish steel. Layers of damasteel were folded around this core. The top of each blade is hammered, also called tsuchime. A stunning combination which also has a functional aspect: thanks to the hammered top the products will not stick to the blade.

    2 038,00 kr
    ± 1 month
  2. Kai Shun - Nakiri 16.5 cm

    Kai Shun - Nakiri 16.5 cm

    This Nakiri from the Kai Shun Classic collection has a blade made from 32 layers of damasteel. The VG-MAX core takes care of unparalleled cutting properties. The handle is made from laminated Pakka wood and has an asymmetrical shape. Because of its look and feel and ultimate cutting properties this knife is an absolute sight for sore eyes and amazing to use.

    2 641,00 kr
    In stock
  3. Eden Classic Damast nakiri 16.5 cm

    Eden Classic Damast nakiri 16.5 cm

    This nakiri from the Eden Classic Damast collection has a core made from strong and stainless AUS-10-steel, with a hardness of 60 HRC. The edge is razor-sharp and can easily be sharpened. The core has been encased in multiple layers of Damasteel. Because of this combination the kitchen knives are not only incredibly functional, they are also absolute eye-catchers in your kitchen.

    1 030,00 kr
    In stock
  4. Tojiro Zen 3-layer blade, nakiri 16,5 cm FD-568

    Tojiro Zen 3-layer blade, nakiri 16,5 cm FD-568

    This nakiri from Tojiro is the perfect combination between design and user-friendliness. For knives there is always a compromise between hardness (sharp, but brittle and less stainless) and flexible (less sharp and less brittle, more stainless). Tojiro opted for a multi-layer construction. The core is made from VG10 steel surrounded by 13-chrome steel. This leaves you with a unique combination of hardness and a much higher corrosion-resistance than with carbon steel.

    1 387,00 kr
    ± 2 weeks
  5. Eden Hammered Damast 2031-116 nakiri 16.5 cm

    Eden Hammered Damast 2031-116 nakiri 16.5 cm

    The Eden Hammered Damast nakiri 16.5 cm is a razor-sharp jewel for your kitchen. Elegant yet very practical. The high and square blade is great for quickly cutting vegetables, fruit and herbs. The high blade allows you to safely guide the blade along your knuckles while chopping. This versatile knife is indispensable in any kitchen! Excellent detailing and a wooden storage box to complete the picture.

    1 194,00 kr
    In stock

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