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SHOT Show 2024: new CRKT knives for 2024

The SHOT Show in Las Vegas is the biggest event for outdoor brands and knife brands to show off the products they'll be launching in the following year. Each year, we go to the SHOT Show to learn about the latest products. We've had a look at CRKT's new knives!

CRKT booth SHOT Show 1
CRKT booth SHOT Show 2

CRKT's 2024 launch consists of no less than 20 models. We've listed a few of those below!

CRKT Padawan series by Pedro Buzetti

The CRKT Padawan is a cool pocket knife designed by Pedro Buzetti. Why is this knife called 'Padawan'? Buzetti is the student of famous knife maker Favio Ikoma, often known as the 'Master', making Buzetti's role as 'padawan' the perfect source of inspiration for his first knife with CRKT. This capable EDC knife is made with both form and function in mind. It's a true friend to everyone who needs a knife for daily tasks.

New CRKT Squid knives by Lucas Burnley

The CRKT Squid Compact is a compact EDC pocket knife, and the smaller version of the original CRKT Squid by Lucas Burnley. This is a knife that won't scare anyone. The size is modest and the drop-point blade looks very friendly. But don't let it mislead you: this knife can handle its own. The CRKT Squid XM Black 2495B Brown is the larger version of the popular CRKT Squid. All three of these knives have a blade made from D2 steel, a rock-solid handle made from stainless steel and G10 and feature an Assisted Opening mechanism.

CRKT M16 Desert Tan knives by Kit Carson

The M16 collection is one of the most popular and longest-running knife series by CRKT. The M16 knife has been around since the 1970s. They are great heavy-duty knives for EDC use and tactical applications. These two new models feature Desert Tan colouring, D2 steel blades and ball bearings. The handles are made from grippy G10.

CRKT Ibis by Lucas Burnley

The CRKT Ibis 2560 is a stylish pocket knife for everyday use, designed by Lucas Burnley. This design of the Ibis was inspired by the eponymous wading bird. You could even describe the G10 handle as ibis-egg blue. In short: this EDC pocket knife is a striking tribute to this majestic bird. To quote Lucas Burnley on this design: 'It just looks good'.

CRKT Homefront Compact by Ken Onion

The CRKT Homefront Compact Black DLC K245BKP is the compact and premium version of CRKT's well-known Homefront, designed by Ken Onion. This smaller version has a shorter blade and a traditional flipper. The patented Field Strip Technology that makes the original CRKT Homefront unique has given way to a standard pocket knife design, which is slightly more user-friendly. CRKT chose a cool colour combination that is reminiscent of knives from WWII.

CRKT Bot Deadbolt by Flavio Ikoma

The CRKT Bot Deadbolt 5420 by Flavio Ikoma will feel like an extension of your own hand. Flavio Ikoma designed this knife to be the type of tool you instinctively grab when needed, the type of knife that is perfect for any cutting task you might run into in your day-to-day life. It feels great in hand and opens lightning-quick thanks to the Assisted Opening mechanism and the IKBS ball bearings.

This is just a snapshot of CRKT's 2024 launch! Click here to see all CRKT knives.

About CRKT

CRKT was founded in 1994, in Oregon USA, and has since grown into a pioneering company in the field of knives and gear. This company is known for their immense and diverse range of high-quality knives, designed in collaboration with famous knife makers. CRKT focuses on innovation and durability, which makes them a beloved brand amongst collectors and professionals everywhere.