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Nitecore NU head torches: lightweight lights

The Nitecore NU series head torches are lightweight head torches for camping trips, trail running, mountain biking and all other sports where a lightweight head torch can make all the difference. A head torch keeps your hands free as you brave the darkness. Nitecore NU head torches make any outdoor activity safer and more enjoyable. Looking for good-quality, lightweight head torches? The Nitecore NU series is the perfect collection for you!

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Features of the Nitecore NU head torches

Despite the overarching theme of lightweight head torches, the series includes different types of head torches. The collection includes head torches ranging from ultra-lightweight models emitting a gentle glow to more robust options delivering over 1000 lumens of brightness, with a variety of options in between. The head torches are water-resistant and sometimes even completely waterproof. So there's no need to panic when it starts to rain!

In addition, almost all head torches have an adjustable headband, clear buttons on the top of the housing and a tiltable head. A tiltable head torch allows you to aim the light where you need it without turning your head in an uncomfortable position. Many head torches have different light modes, so you can adjust the brightness to any situation. Some head torches even have light modes such as red light or flashing modes. The exact features of each head torch can be found in the product description or product specifications.

Nitecore NU rechargeable head torches

If you use a head torch on a daily basis we can definitely recommend using a rechargeable head torch. Never worry about removable batteries, but simply use a battery you can easily charge via the micro-USB port. Most Nitecore NU head torches come with a built-in Micro USB or USB-C connection to recharge your battery. Thanks to this, any free USB port can be used as a charging station.