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Which is the best outdoor axe?

Are you looking for an outdoor axe, but not sure which to get? This top list contains the best axes. You can easily use them as trekking axe or survival axe. The main advantage? These axes are easy to take with you and they are very versatile.

The best outdoor axes

Outdoor axes come in all shapes and sizes. An outdoor axe is compact to make sure you can easily take it with you and is enhanced with a handle that is long enough to carry out larger tasks, such as splitting wood. The head is often also quite heavy. But which outdoor axe is the best? We made an overview of the best outdoor axes.

  1. Hultafors felling axe Åby 0.7 Premium, 841770

    Hultafors felling axe Åby 0.7 Premium, 841770

    This Hultafors Aby Premium is our absolute favourite because it is great when felling trees and carrying out other chopping work in the garden for which you don't need a heavy axe. The axe is enhanced with a 700-gram head and a slimmer, slightly longer handle. As such you have additional strength upon every blow. Because the head is enhanced with a small beard, you can hold your hand close to the edge. This axe is perfect for bushcraft purposes.

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  2. Fiskars Norden N7 hand axe

    Fiskars Norden N7 hand axe

    A modern axe with a traditional look. The handle is made from stunning hickory wood. When you take hold of the axe you immediately notice that you are holding a decent and authentic product. The whole is practically indestructible thanks to the FiberComp™ construction. This innovative construction reduces vibrations in case you miss. Thanks to its compact size, the N7 is our favourite of the Norden collection. Are you looking for a stronger axe for heavy-duty tasks? We recommend the Fiskars Norden N10 hand axe.

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  3. Hultafors trekking axe Hultån 0.5 Premium, 841701

    Hultafors trekking axe Hultån 0.5 Premium, 841701

    The Hultafors Hultan Premium is a great trekking axe which will easily fit in your backpack. Perfect as a hand axe, and to cut up kindling. The axe is incredibly versatile. Enhanced with a convex edge to make sure the head will retain its sharpness for a long time.

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  4. Hultafors trekking axe Ågelsjön Mini 0.5 Premium, 841760

    Hultafors trekking axe Ågelsjön Mini 0.5 Premium, 841760

    The Hultafors Ågelsjön Trekking axe Mini premium is the smallest axe from the Premium collection. It's the perfect axe to chop up kindling for the fire or for carving a spoon. It's also a great axe to put in your backpack to take with you when you go camping. It will, however, also come in handy when chopping kindling for the fireplace at home. Thanks to its compact size and versatility, this axe is a Knivesandtools favourite.

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  5. Karesuando Metsämies Hätä hand axe set, 350 gram, 4348-90

    Karesuando Metsämies Hätä hand axe set, 350 gram, 4348-90

    This beautiful Karesuando hand axe has a unique handle, as the pattern in the handle gives you a good grip wherever you take hold. Whether you are splitting small pieces of wood or making a spoon, this axe can do it all. This axe comes with a sheath that you can attach to your belt. The sheath also includes a firesteel and a diamond file, in short, a complete outdoor package for great adventures.

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