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Spotlight: Eden ED binoculars

After the Eden HD and the Eden XP collection we developed a new collection of binoculars: the Eden ED binoculars! In this topic we will highlight these binoculars.

Developing Eden ED binoculars

The Eden ED binoculars emerged as the result of a need for an even better image quality. We want to offer the advantages of a pair of ED binoculars with our own brand Eden. As such we decided to develop binoculars with the best coatings and top-quality ED glass.

We listed our wishes and asked the manufacturer who produces our Eden binoculars to find out how we could make these ED binoculars come to life. These binoculars are the result. The ED binoculars render colours perfectly and have a less chromatic aberration, making them even more fun to use.

On the road with Eden ED binoculars

After its arrival I couldn't wait to find out what it can do! The first thing you notice is the green focus button and the new structure of the body of the Eden ED. Using this pair is easy, like we have grown accustomed to from all Eden binoculars. The hinges are flexible and the eye cups are easy to twist open. The eye cups do not seem to extend as far as those of the Eden XP, but this does not detract from the viewing experience. The ED 10x42 is a little heavier than the XP 10x42, but in terms of size it stayed the same. I don't really notice the difference in weight.

Time to take this pair on the road. I decide to take the Eden ED 10x42 with me. The first thing I notice about this pair is that it feels great in hand. It is the result of the so-called 'Coffee Bean structure' on the magnesium body. This structure provides you with additional grip. As such I know for sure it won't fall from my hands. An additional advantage is that you can also easily use it when it rains.

One first glance through the pair and it is evident: this pair renders the colours perfectly. It is the result of the BaK4 prism and the ED glass that is added to this pair. This prism ensures that no light is lost. When I take a closer look at a jackdaw in a tree I see that the details of this bird are nicely visible. You can count the feathers. The advantages of the ED glass are easy to notice when I look at a white car, parked in a parking lot. For some binoculars the colours at the edge of such a white object are a little distorted. It appears as if it is surrounded by a green edge. But that is not the case here. Awesome!

Eden ED binocular bag

The ED binoculars come with a practical binocular bag. We had this bag developed by Tasmanian Tiger. A company known for its top-quality backpacks, bags and pouches. This bag is enhanced with thick padding that will protect your binoculars from anything. On the inside you will also find a practical compartment for a lens pen or micro-fibre cloth. The outside of the binocular bag is made from water-repellent material and is enhanced with laser-cut MOLLE, great for attaching keys, a flashlight of pouch.

The Eden price advantage

Anyone who thinks of Eden binoculars, thinks of the amazing price-quality ratio. These binoculars are in terms of quality similar to binoculars from high-end brands, but are a lot more affordable. The Eden binoculars are exclusively sold at Knivesandtools. Our binoculars are produced by a manufacturer who also produces for many other famous binocular brands.