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Eden HD and XP 8x42 | Expert Review by Fabien Gréban

As a professional photographer I often use binoculars to look for wild animals. Up until now I used the Hawke Naturtrek 8x32 binoculars. Because of its weight and compact shape it is great to use for longer periods of time. It used to be my favourite pair until I met the Eden HD 8x42 and the Eden XP 8x42. You can read all about these binoculars in this review.

It was an amazing day in November when I decided to put the Eden HD 8x42 to the test. I was exploring the cliffs of Mont d'Or in the Jura massif. It was a great day weather-wise. Clear skies! The first thing I did was look for chamois.

As I put the binoculars to the test I immediately noticed the high light transmission. Even before sunrise I could see everything! The excellent sharpness made it easy to find animals, even at great distances. You can easily adjust the focus.

I continued my test until nightfall. As the sun set I spotted a silhouette in the tall grass. Not that difficult with the wide field of view of 128 by 1000 meters. After easily zooming in, I quickly identified a forest cat.

The next day I decided to put the Eden XP 8x42 binoculars to the test. I climbed to the top of the Soliat (still in the Jura massif). The wind was strong and the thick fog made it difficult for me to find ibexes. As the fog slowly starts to lift, I spot one. Once again I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the image the Eden XP provides.

Yes, dielectric lens coatings provide incredible clarity and render the colours perfectly. The phase correction on the prisms takes care of great contrast which is something I can appreciate as a photographer. Just like the HD-model the XP is great to use: it is bright, offers superior sharpness and is easy to focus.

Ever since I put these binoculars to the test I never left my house without either of them. It amazed me that the XP's, thanks to the polyphenylene sulphide casing, weigh almost 110 grams less than the HD's. This is key when you want to use the binoculars for a longer period of time, during a long hike, for instance. Spotting birds and looking for mammals is a whole lot easier with the Eden binoculars.

Lying in tall grass, for instance, isn't a problem at all. The wet grass will namely not affect the lenses as it comes in contact with them. The image remained clear the whole time. I usually use my camera for close-ups, but during this test I noticed that focusing up to 1.2 meters is great for observing insects. I no longer need to use my camera for this.

As a photographer I am familiar with many high-end brands. The quality of these binoculars, however, convinced me that Eden is just as much a high-end brand as the ones I have grown accustomed to. I use the Eden XP binoculars on a daily basis.

Fabien Gréban

Fabien Gréban is a nature photographer who loves to capture the beauty of wild animals in their natural environment. You can often find him in the Jura Massif in France to capture this amazing region at its best.