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Rechargeable CR123A batteries

We no longer sell rechargeable CR123A batteries (also called RCR123A). In many torches 18650 accumulators are a much better alternative. For torches that only work with CR123A batteries we can supply those batteries at an attractive bulk price. Read below why we do not sell rechargeable CR123A batteries.

Why we stopped selling rechargeable CR123A batteries:

There are various reasons why we no longer sell rechargeable CR123A batteries.

Firstly, the many problems we had with those batteries. They range from overheating batteries, defect batteries to leaking and even a few exploding batteries.

We are not the only ones to have those problems. Read the forums...

The background of that problem is that the leading manufacturers of Lithium-Ion accumulators, like Sanyo and Panasonic, do not produce cells in a format suitable for the production of a RCR123A accumulator. The accumulators used for RCR123A batteries are therefore of a lesser quality.

The 2nd reason is that the capacity and the so-called C-rating* of the rechargeable CR123A accumulators fall short of the powerful torches that are currently produced. The low capacity provides disappointing life. And the too low C-rating generates overload of the accumulators with high heat as a result.

The C-rating indicates the maximum authorised load of an accumulator. An accumulator with a capacity of 600mAh and a C-rating of 1.5 may be loaded with maximum 600 x 1.5 = 900 mA.

The alternative:

As indicated earlier the 18650 battery is an excellent alternative for the rechargeable CR123A accumulators. In a high number of torches you can replace 2 CR123A batteries with 1 18650 accumulator.

The 18650 accumulators we sell have an excellent quality cell of Panasonic with a particular high capacity. They exceed the life achieved with the best CR123A batteries considerably. That mainly relates to the low internal resistance of the 18650 accumulators.

We know that this accumulator is not an alternative for all torches. If your torch does not work on a 18650 accumulator you should consider buying a new torch.

Should you still want to stick with your torch, you can buy regular CR123A batteries from us at a reasonable price. It is of course more expensive in use than rechargeable CR123A batteries but that is balanced by 2x longer life and more reliability and safety.