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Different light modes in flashlights

Flashlights can be enhanced with different light modes. Which light modes are available, and which do you use for what specific circumstance? Knivesandtools explains which light modes there are and when you use which.

Stroboscope: a flashlight can be enhanced with a stroboscope mode, also called strobe. This means you can use the flashlight during an attack. You can use it as a defense mechanism. Tactical flashlights are often enhanced with this function. Police, soldiers and security personnel often use these types of flashlights. A tactical flashlight, however, can also come in handy if you are not a soldier or police officer and feel the need to defend yourself. These flashlights are legal in the Netherlands and Belgium.

SOS: an SOS function on a flashlight means you can produce an emergency signal if you need to. The flashlight will then flash the word SOS in Morse code. It will flash 3x short, 3x long and 3x short.

Burst/boost: the boost or burst mode on the flashlight will provide you with additional power. With it you can, for a brief period of time, produce more output. This mode can only be used briefly, to spare the battery. Some brands call it the boost mode, others the burst mode.

Blink/flashing mode: the flashing mode is the same as the blinking mode. The flashlight will blink a couple times. For some flashlights you can adjust the speed.

Firefly: the firefly mode is great when you need your flashlight at night. This mode is also called the moonlight mode. The flashlight will then produce up to 5 lumens max to make sure you don't blind yourself.