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New: Discover the Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro - a new generation of sharpness

Discover the new generation Wicked Edge sharpening systems: the Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro. This sharpening system will take your sharpening experience to the next level, thanks to its impressive functions and unrivalled precision. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro.

Available versions of the Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro

Wicked Edge's Generation 4 Pro sharpening systems are available in four different versions. The WE400 is the standard edition of the Generation 4 sharpening systems. The WE401 includes a storage cabinet for the sharpening stones. The WE410 comes with the Micro Adjust sharpening angle system alignment system. And lastly there's the WE411, which includes both the storage cabinet and Micro Adjust. The Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro is designed to offer the fastest and most effortless sharpening experience. The upgrades make your sharpening experience even more pleasant and accurate, and a symmetrical edge is guaranteed.

Dual-sided angle adjustment

The smooth, dual-sided angle adjustment makes it easy to set both sides to the same angle with a single action. The standard version allows angle adjustment between 12 and 28 degrees on either side, in increments of 0.5 degrees. The versions that come with Micro Adjust allow you to set the angle anywhere between 12 and 33 degrees, in increments of 0.05 degrees.

Wicked Edge Generation 4 without Micro Adjust
Wicked Edge Generation 4 without Micro Adjust
Wicked Edge Generation 4 with Micro Adjust
Wicked Edge Generation 4 with Micro Adjust

Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro vise

The new and improved Wicked Edge Gen 4 Pro includes the Wicked Edge DualCam® Vise, which easily clamps your knives in place. No more hassle with hex keys! The Wicked Edge DualCam® Vise promotes stability and accuracy, even with smaller knives.

Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro included parts

  • The Generation 4 Pro sharpening system with Micro-Adjust
  • 2x coarse diamond-coated sharpening stones, 100 and 200 grit
  • 2x medium diamond-coated sharpening stones, 400 and 600 grit
  • 2x fine diamond-coated sharpening stones, 800 and 1000 grit
  • Advanced alignment guide
  • 2x guide rods 8" (20 cm)
  • Depth key
  • Practice knife

Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro Compatibility

The Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro is compatible with the following items: all Wicked Edge sharpening stones, Low Angle Adapter, Scissors Attachment, Chisel Adapter, Wicked Edge Safety Shields and guide rods. The Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro is not compatible with: accessories for the other Wicked Edge sharpening systems, the Gen 3 V2 Jaws for 1/4" Blades, cabinet, aluminium/granite base and upgrade kits.

Differences between the Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro and the Generation 4 Pro

As stated, the Generation 4 Pro includes the new Wicked Edge DualCam® Vise clamps that use less force to hold the blade securely in place. Another upgrade concerns the guide rods. Their feel is much improved compared to the old system. The Generation 3's ball hinges are great, but the new hinges have an even better action and seem easier to manoeuvre. This makes the process of sharpening go smoother, and it is especially nice when sharpening several knives in a row. Moreover, Generation 4 offers more options. Will you choose the version with Micro Adjust and cabinet? Or do you prefer the basic version? Up to you!


In short: the Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro offers an unparalleled sharpening experience. With improved functions, smooth handling and the large amount of sharpening possibilities, this system is a must-have for everyone who loves their knives. The Wicked Edge Generation 4 Pro is an investment in the durability and sharpness of your knives. What are you waiting for? Order now and experience razor-sharp perfection for yourself!