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New: Fällkniven X-collection outdoor knives

All of a sudden they were here: the Fällkniven F1x, S1x and A1x. Full-tang outdoor knives, from the famous Swedish knife brand. Still with a convex edge and in terms of outline similar to its illustrious namesakes, but other than that really different. Meet the Fällkniven X collection.

Fällkniven F1x: full-tang outdoor knives

The most striking difference between the current knives from the F1, S1 and A1 collection is the use of a full-tang construction. This means that the blade, in terms of thickness and width, runs throughout the entire handle. An incredibly strong way of making knives, and something new for Fällkniven. The regular models and the knives from the Pro-collection are enhanced with a Thermorun handle that is cast around the steel tang.

With the new Fällkniven X-collection we see that the Thermorun scales are mounted to the steel tang with torx bolts. The main advantage of this is that you can remove the scales to properly clean the knife. Especially when you use your Fällkniven knife for hunting purposes this is a wonderful thought. It is also means that any leeway can easily be solved by simply tightening the screws.

Fällkniven 1xb: black edition

As if this wasn't already enough Fällkniven also introduced a black version of all three models: Fällkniven F1xb, S1xb and A1xb. These knives are enhanced with a rock-solid black Tungsten Carbide coating. Converted to the Rockwell C-scale the coating is even 83HRC! During their tests Fällkniven tried to damage the coating with the hardest, dried piece of curly birch, but simply did not succeed.

New sheath for the X-collection

In addition to the improvements made to the knife, Fällkniven took a closer look at the sheaths. The side has been enhanced with click system with which you can secure the knife in its Zytel sheath. As such the knife won't rattle and you know for sure that the knife will stay in place.

When will the Fällkniven X-collection be available?

We expect the Fällkniven X-collection any moment now. As soon as it is available you will find it at the Fällkniven X-collection.