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CRKT Buying Guide by designer

CRKT works with today's most innovative knife makers and designers. We made a list of the most famous. Purchase the perfect CRKT knife based on the top five most famous CRKT designers.

CRKT knives designed by Kit Carson

Kit Carson is an American war veteran and one of the largest names in the knife industry. Designer of the famous CRKT M16 collection and mentor of Ken Onion, who is also a part of this list. The M16 design has won multiple awards and is therefore a real classic. In 2012 Kit Carson was immortalised in the Cutlery Hall of Fame.

CRKT knives designed by Ken Onion

Ken Onion is considered to be one of the most innovative and successful knife designers of all times. He is the youngest knife maker ever listed in the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame. In the knife industry this is the highest award anyone can receive. Ken Onion is the inventor of the assisted opening mechanism and the award-winning Field Strip Technology mechanism. Many CRKT knives are enhanced with either one of these mechanisms.

CRKT knives designed by Jesper Voxnaes

Jesper Voxnaes is a Danish knife maker. Designer of the famous CRKT Pilar collection. His designs are an integral part of the knife world. Jesper Voxnaes doesn't only work with CRKT, but also with other giants, such as Böker and many Italian knife brands. His designs are artistic and very functional.

CRKT knives designed by Lucas Burnley

Lucas Burnley is an American knife maker. He designs functional EDC knives that are meant to be used. Take his popular CRKT Squid collection, for instance. His designs are carefully though through and made with passion. For one year, 365 days in a row, Lucas Burnley decided to design a pocket knife each day. If that isn't dedication, we don't know what is!

CRKT knives designed by Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is an American knife maker and rancher from New Mexico. He live by the motto: 'Good enough, is not acceptable'. His designs are characterized by sleek lines and slim designs. Classy knives that will complement any outfit. Richard Rogers is the designer of the beloved CRKT CEO. This knife won the Blade Show Best Buy of the Year Award.

All CRKT knives

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