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Buying guide pruning saws: which pruner do I need?

Pruning will be a piece of cake with the right pruning saw. With it you can prune as efficiently as possible. The shape of your saw is namely crucial. We will help you make the right choice. All to make sure you can quickly get to work!

A saw with a curved blade

A saw with a curved blade can come in handy when working below your knee or above your shoulders. This curved saw blade ensures that the branch won't slip away as you cut it. Great when you find yourself in a tight spot trying to remove a branch. These saws with curved saw blade are also perfect for all-round pruning tasks in your garden.

A saw with a straight blade

For places you can easily reach, a saw with a straight saw blade will be the perfect solution. Choose this type of saw when you are working at a height between your shoulders and knees. Will you always saw at 'easy-to-reach' places? Make sure you get a saw with a straight saw blade. If you also need to remove branches that are not so easy to reach we recommend using a saw with a curved saw blade.

A saw with a narrow blade

If you want to work precisely you need a narrow saw blade. With it you can easily reach the most difficult-to-reach places in any tree. Without damaging other branches. The saws from the Silky Tsurugi collection are perfect for these tasks!