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What do you use paracord for?

A piece of paracord might, at first glance, look like a simple piece of rope. Outdoor enthusiasts know better! Originally designed for paratroopers in the American army, but today it is an indispensable tool. We can mention 1001 purposes for which you can use paracord, but felt that we needed to be more specific. That is why we will highlight the six most occurring situations.

Using paracord while hiking and camping

When you go out a piece of paracord shouldn't be missing. It won't take up a lot of room and you hardly notice couple of meters of paracord in terms of weight. You will find that it will come in handy during many different situations: from clothesline to guy line, and from shoelace to suture.

Using paracord to keep your things together

Paracord is perfect to keep your gear together. Whether you are transporting your belongings on a trailer, want to tie things together during a move, or want to attach a gadget to your tactical backpack: with a couple of simple knots you can keep it all together. Also great if you can't completely close the trunk of your car, because you are transporting something big, like a closet or bicycle.

Using paracord while walking your dog

It might not be the first thing you think of when you think of paracord, but it does occur regularly. You can make your own collar or leash with paracord. Paracord 550 is rock-solid, with a tractive force of approximately 250 kg. So if your dog unexpectedly pulls its leash, you don't have to worry. Do pay attention to the tractive force of the buckle you attach it to. It is often not as strong as the paracord.

Using paracord while fishing

You can also use paracord as a line to fish with. Perfect during a survival or bushcraft adventure. Paracord is namely easier to take with you than a fishing rod.

Using paracord to lift things

You can also easily use paracord to lift things. Use a lever construction for heavier items. Thanks to the tractive force of 550 pounds/250 kg paracord can handle anything. Paracord can also easily function as a lasso. Great when you need to catch something.

Using paracord as a lanyard or bracelet

This is probably the most common thing to do with paracord: turn it into a lanyard or bracelet. The great thing is that carry a lot of paracord with you without really noticing it. Many outdoor enthusiasts make their own bracelet and personalize it with a cool bead. Don't like wearing a bracelet? Make your own lanyard! Practical to hang from your pocket knife or tactical backpack.

Tips for using paracord

Paracord is available in different sizes. The most occurring sizes are: 100 ft/30.48 m and 50 ft/15.24 m. Need less? Simply cut a piece off. Melt the ends with fire. As such you make sure that the paracord won't fray. You can already purchase a bundle of paracord for 60 kr. Check out all paracord & accessories .