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The importance of blade guards

A knife set is expensive, so you want to enjoy it as long as possible. The way in which your knives are stored can have a great influence on the life span and quality of the blades. That's why, when buying new knives, it's also important to consider how you will store these.

There are plenty of storage options for kitchen knives on the market to keep your knives in perfect condition. The choice on how to store the knives depends on the use of the knives and the preferences and personal taste of the user. Below we have listed the most common storage options, sorted on type of use.

Design in your kitchen

If you want to have your knives within a hand's reach at all times and if you like to show them in your kitchen, you can choose a magnetic holder or a knife block. A magnetic holder can be attached to the wall, after which you click all your knives there. For a modern style magnetic holder you can take a look at the Global models.

Knife blocks are available in many shapes, sizes and designs, modern or artistic. For example, there is our Eden knife block.

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Storage of knives

If you only use your knives at home, but you want to store them neatly, then there are several options. There are different types of knife organizers and knife blocks on the market, where you can put your knives safely. Another option is to buy blade guards for your knives, after which you can place them in a drawer among other kitchen utensils.

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Knives on the road

If you regularly take your knives with you to cook somewhere else then at home, we can recommend to use a Chef's case or pouch. The advantage of this is that you always have your knives safely stowed away and can easily take them with you. For example, this knife pouch by Eden.

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