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New: Steiner BluHorizons 8x22 and 10x26 binoculars

Steiner introduces the new BluHorizons binoculars. Available in two versions: 8x22 and 10x26. The BluHorizons is a compact, light-weight and extremely robust pair of binoculars for outdoor enthusiasts.

These unique binoculars are enhanced with Steiners exclusive Autobright Sunlight Adaptive Lens Technology. This is a sun protection factor for the eyes. This technology automatically adjusts the brightness to the best light in each situation for maximum brightness. As such you are never bothered by bright glares during a sunset, when you are out on the water or in the snow. With these binoculars you comfortably observe the world.

This pair is enhanced with Fast Close Focus. By turning the wheel you can quickly focus the binoculars: from close-up to far away. These Steiner binoculars provide a very clear image. The design is extremely robust and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is also waterproof. You can trust the fact that the pair can withstand cold, wet, but also extremely hot circumstances (-20 up to 70 degrees Celsius). The binoculars are also enhanced with ergonomic eye cups, which are also great for spectacle wearers. The eye cups are made from skin-friendly silicone which increases the wearing comfort and also protects you from incoming light and draughts. The Steiner BluHorizons comes with a practical carrier bag which you can use to store the binoculars.