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Spotlight Ballistol: a miracle cure for maintenance

Since the early 1900s, one maintenance oil has consistently attracted the attention of military and outdoor enthusiasts. That oil is Ballistol. This multi-purpose miracle cure, developed and produced in Germany, is known for its impressive versatility, special aroma and eco-friendliness. What makes Ballistol so special? And how can you use it? In this article, we'll tell you more about the history, applications and unique properties of Ballistol.

What is Ballistol?

Ballistol is a type of maintenance oil that was originally developed as gun oil. The oil was created to meet the requirements of the German army to clean, grease and protect metal, wood and leather equipment. Ballistol is unique in this versatility in application but also in its eco-friendly and skin-friendly properties. It's even food safe! This, of course, drastically improves the possible range of applications.

History of Ballistol

The origins of Ballistol can be traced back to the German imperial army's request to Friedrich Klever and his son, Dr Helmut Klever, to develop a maintenance oil that could clean, lubricate and protect. Dr Klever created a formula that far surpassed expectations and that was adopted by the German army in 1905. This 'ballistic oil' soon became popular among hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and artisans across Europe.

Ballistol is available in different packages

What can you use Ballistol for?

Use it to lubricate, grease, clean, polish and make things run smoothly. The possibilities are endless! This maintenance oil is suitable for almost all metals, wood types and synthetic materials, making it a must-have for every tool kit or shed. Here are some of its most popular applications:

Maintainance of knives and tools

Ballistol is the ideal oil to maintain your knives, garden tools and other outdoor equipment.It cleans the blades, prevents corrosion and ensures a smooth action for the mechanism of a pocket knife. Ballistol is also suitable for most handle materials, including wood, plastic, micarta and even titanium. Read more about maintaining your pocket knife here. Read more about maintaining your fixed knife here.

Maintaining outdoor equipment

Hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can rely on Ballistol to maintain their leather gear like boots, holsters, backpacks or shoes (not including suede). Keep your outdoor equipment supple and protected, time after time. Read more about using Ballistol to maintain a leather sheath here.

Maintaining wood

Ballistol brings out the natural colour and grain of finished and unfinished wood, making it an excellent choice for maintaining furniture, knife handles or cutting boards. It protects wood from insects and moisture, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Household use

Ballistol is also great for jammed or squeaky hinges, door locks or padlocks. It can also be used to maintain things like lawnmowers, electronic equipment, scissors and much more!

Maintaining firearms

Ballistol was originally developed to clean, lubricate and protect the metal parts of firearms, ensuring smooth operation and a longer lifespan. It also protects the wooden rifle stocks from moisture and general wear and tear, keeping it in tip-top condition.

How do you use Ballistol?

To use Ballistol, simply apply Ballistol directly to the surface you want to clean, lubricate or shine. Let it sit for a while, gently rub it in and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. If there are hard to reach places, we recommend using a q-tip.

Who benefits from Ballistol?

Considering its large range of application, Ballistol is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and effective maintenance oil. Hunters, hikers, DIYers, the army or your kitchen; everyone will find Ballistol an essential addition to their maintenance routine.

Why does Ballistol remain unmatched?

Ballistol has stood the test of time for over a century, despite countless attempts to improve it. Its formula, which is gentle on the skin and 100% eco-friendly, remains unmatched in its efficiency. It's a testament to German engineering and a reminder of a time when products were made to last a lifetime. Most lubricants age quickly and oxidise, leading to 'resin formation'. It makes the oil thick, making it turn hard and resin-like. Ballistol, however, contains anti-oxidants preventing this process. In 1985, they found a bottle of Ballistol in an attic that had been there for 6o years. The oil had turned into a resin-like substance, and a chemical analysis showed that it still had the same degree of purity as newly produced Ballistol.


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