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Shot Show 2020: the Zero Tolerance 0308

Shot Show 2020, an annual event in Las Vegas. Anyone who has heard of Vegas has heard of the phrase 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. This week is a massive exception. At the Shot Show brands and designers show off their newest products and talk about their plans for the future. One of these brands is Zero Tolerance. We stopped by to find out more about what great things they have in store for 2020. Enjoy!

Zero Tolerance 0308

With the release of amazing new models such as the ZT0230 and the ZT0233, as shown in the video, Zero Tolerance decided to take it a little slower at the start of 2020. The knives they released, however, are 100% Zero Tolerance! The new 0308 is tough, robust and enhanced with premium materials such as CPM 20CV steel and titanium. With a blade length of 9.5 cm the 0308 cannot be called a small knife. The 0308 is a work horse. Made for people who want to use their knife for the more demanding jobs and never want to worry about the blade breaking during use. The G10 and the titanium of the handle are both enhanced with a rough geometric pattern. This doesn't only look amazing, it also ensures that you have a lot more grip. An artistic cut-out around the pivot finishes the whole.

Zero Tolerance 0308

We hope to have all new products in stock as soon as possible. In the meantime we will be posting multiple topics about our 2020 Shot Show experiences and the newest products. Stay tuned!

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