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New for 2021: Zero Tolerance 990 pocket knife

Like every year, this year Zero Tolerance has once again introduced its new releases. New for 2021: the Zero Tolerance 990! Based on a legendary design, but with is own look and feel.

Anyone who follows Zero Tolerance can immediately see the lines of the 999 Limited Edition. An amazing pocket knife, of which we were forced to sell the ones we were given for our giveaway. So great was the demand, so small the supply. That is why it is great that this design (partially) returns for 2021. We clearly see certain design features, but also see a different knife.

The Zero Tolerance 999 Limited Edition
The new 2021 Zero Tolerance 990

You immediately notice the remarkable floating stop-pin. Like a scorpion's tail, part of the handle hangs forward. Both when opened and closed the blade leans against it. When you see the knife up close, however, you notice how slim and elegant this part of the knife truly is. To make sure it is strong enough it was made from steel instead of titanium. As such the stop-pin is solid and strong.

Construction of the skeletonized handle

The construction of the handle is also worth mentioning. Due to the clever combination of steel and carbon fibre the handle is rock-solid, but also light-weight. According to Zero Tolerance the knife weighs no more than 82 grams. Especially in combination with a 8.3 cm blade, this is really light.

Great about the handle is also that we see a design element which was still relatively new last year: the cut-out right from the pivot. When the 308 was released in 2020 this was a new feature for ZT. As we look at the 990 in comparison, and the 999 next to it, we once again find that cut-out. 

When you look at the blade you also clearly see the lineage of the 99x collection. The shapes are very similar, even though the carbon fibre and titanium inlay is missing here. In terms of steel the blade is also similar to all other recent ZT releases: CPM 20CV. The American version of the popular Böhler M390. It retains its sharpness well and is, at a microscopic level, very fine in terms of structure. It is also corrosion resistant. To mask any traces of use ZT enhanced the blade with a stonewashed finish. As such it is great for EDC use. 

As you have grown accustomed to from Zero Tolerance, the mechanic part is also perfect. The KVT ball bearings have definitely more than proved themselves throughout the years. And the flipper action of a ZT knife is almost unparalleled in the world of knives. When opened the blade is locked by a liner lock. It is placed on the inside, behind the carbon fibre lock side. As such it won't 'disrupt' the gracious lines of the knife.

The lock side of the Zero Tolerance 990

Deep carry pocket clip

Great about the 990 is that Zero Tolerance listened to comments from the community. Many enthusiasts namely asked for a 'deep carry pocket clip' for quite some time. These pocket clips enable you to carry the knife a little deeper in your pocket. As such it won't stick out as much over the edge. The 990 is enhanced with a clip that is 'folded back', as it were, towards the handle. As such only the far end of the handle sticks out. Nice and discrete, and the knife sits more securely in your pocket. The left-handed part of the community was also thought of: the pocket clip is interchangeable.

Price of the Zero Tolerance 990

Because there are so many great features, you probably expect this knife to come with a hefty price tag as well. Especially keeping in mind that the price of the 999 Limited Edition was also somewhere around the  €999 mark. Fortunately this is not the case. The recommended retail price is $275, which, in Europe,  probably comes down to €275. Not bad for such an amazing knife!

As soon as the Zero Tolerance 990 is available you will find it amongst our other Zero Tolerance pocket knives. At the moment we cannot say for sure when we will receive it. We do, however, expect it to arrive just in time for summer.