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LionSteel ROK: pocket knife with hidden pocket clip

The LionSteel ROK is LionSteel’s big announcement for 2018. Unique about this newest Molletta-design is the pocket clip. After all, you can hide it in the frame when you are using the knife. As a result you will never be bothered by a clip that is poking in your hand, but is available when you put it in your pocket.

LionSteel HWAY system

LionSteel calls this system HWAY which stands for Hide What Annoys You. This means that you have a little button on one side of the pocket knife you can use to push the pocket clip out after which you can clip it to your pocket to make sure you don’t lose it. When you use it the pocket clip will return to the handle to make sure it won’t get in the way.

LionSteel ROK integral frame pocket knife

What makes this even more special is the fact that the handle of the LionSteel ROK is made from a solid block of titanium. So no screws that keep everything together. This is a very strong construction because there are no individual parts that are screwed together. At the same time it is also very difficult to produce. LionSteel pioneered this technology at the release of the award-winning LionSteel SR1 in 2010.

NFC-technology in the knife world

Not only the hidden pocket clip is innovative. The box also has a new feature: a NFC-chip. You might have come across this term because of your mobile phone. The box contains a NFC-chip you can read with your phone. When you do you receive information about the production process, guarantees and you can contact the LionSteel customer service department. As such LionSteel continues to pioneer with the newest technologies, even for a box.

Not only frills

Because of these new features you might forget that the LionSteel ROK is still just a pocket knife. The blade is made from top-quality M390-steel. Incredibly stainless and retains its sharpness well. You open it with the flipper. At least: if you have kept it on. After all, you can remove it if you like. So are you going to a place where you cannot carry one-handed opening knives? Simply remove the flipper.

Manufacturing Quality Award 2018

At the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia a number of awards is handed out each year for various accomplishments in the knife world. One of the most coveted awards is the Manufacturing Quality Award. The award for the best production quality. For years Chris Reeve Knives won this award. Up until a few years ago that is when the award was handed to LionSteel! Today LionSteel has won the award three times after receiving it again in 2018! Add the fact that LionSteel also won the award for Overall Knife of the Year a couple of times and you  know that LionSteel is one of the best pocket knife manufacturers out there!

When will the LionSteel ROK be available?

We expect the LionSteel ROK to be available at the end of October. As soon as it is available you will find it at the LionSteel page.