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How do you use pruning scissors?

Ready for the pruning season? Have you gathered all your tools yet? Amazing! But how does pruning actually work? Because you can't just start cutting whatever comes in sight, we made a list of a couple basics! Pruning isn't difficult at all, but you do need to take some things into account.

Maintain your tools!

If you properly want to prune, well, anything really, you need good tools. If your scissors are blunt you will end up with frayed edges around the cut. As such trees or plants can be affected by fungi. Quite a shame really. That is why you should always properly maintain your tools. You can read all about maintaining your pruning tools in our how-to about maintaining pruning scissors.

Use the right pruning tools

It seems obvious, but this is where sometimes things go wrong. Always use the right tools for the right task. So don't use a pruning scissors or hedge clippers to cut thick branches, because the pair can slip and shoot from your hands. And, of course, you want to avoid ending up in the hospital. That is why you should always use branch loppers or a saw for thick branches.

Always assess the tree or bush you want to prune first

Don't immediately start working, always assess the tree or bush you want to prune first. Determine which branches need to be removed. The structure of the tree needs to remain balanced. Prune just above the place where a young shoot is facing outwards. The shoot will continue to grow afterwards, leaving the tree or bush nice and open. And remove overgrown branches.

Don't prune your trees of bushes during frost

This basic rule is there for multiple reasons. First of all, it is really bad for your tools. You namely have to cut through a partially frozen plant or branch. This could damage your scissors. In addition, the cut is poorly closed, which could lead to fungi and bacteria. Finally, the moisture at the end of the branch will freeze and expand. This could cause the branch to crack and split open at the end. In addition to the fact that this doesn't look good, the tree or plant will also be susceptible to bacteria and fungi.