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How do I mount a magnetic knife strip?

A line-up tells you why a chef, baker, butcher or anyone who loves preparing delicious meals (you!) chooses specific kitchen knives. You will quickly learn that the perfect knife set is different for everyone. Don't hide your stunning collection of kitchen knives, showcase them!

For a line-up you only need two things:

  1. A knife maget.

  2. Your favourite kitchen knives.

A knife magnet is the best way to showcase your stunning kitchen knives. In addition, it is also the safest and most hygienic way of storing your kitchen knives. In a different topic we will highlight all advantages of a knife magnet. Did you already purchase a knife magnet? Great, mounting it is a piece a cake.

But before we start we want to give you one important tip: make sure you always keep a level close.

Make sure the magnet is always properly levelled!

Mounting the knife magnet

Most knife magnets can be mounted in one or two ways as mentioned below:

Option 1. Double-sided tape

The magnetic strip is enhanced with double-sided tape. The tape can take up to 20 kg per 10 cm. This way of mounting your strip is mostly suited on tiles, wood, stone or stucco. Before you mount the strip you need to properly degrease the surface. Once the strip is in place (and level), press it firmly. Afterwards you can click the knife magnet onto the strip.

Tip: Is it not completely level, or do you want to move the strip? Heat up the strip with, for instance, a blow-dryer. The strip will be released and can be moved. Don't do this too often because it will affect the strength of the strip.

Option 2. Secure it using screws

If the surface cannot handle tape, wallpaper or textured paint, for instance, you can also use screws to mount the strip to your wall. The strip is namely also enhanced with screw holes. Secure the magnetic strip using screws and click the knife magnet onto the strip.

Use the adhesive strip on a smooth surface such as tiles, wood, stones or stucco
Use screws if the surface cannot handle adhesive tape. Wallpaper or textured paint, for instance

Tip: Don't hang the strip close to the stove. This is inconvenient for several reasons. The most important being that the strip can come off if it gets too hot. Another reason is that you usually need your knives close to your work station, and not your stove. So hang them somewhere you will use them most.

Take your favourite kitchen knives from the drawer

Which kitchen knives do you use on a daily basis? Don't leave them in your drawer and hang them on your wall!Our knife magnets are strong enough to carry all types of kitchen knives. Our knife magnets are not comprised of multiple smaller magnets, but one large magnet. As such you can hang your knives over the entire length of the strip. Even heavy knives won't slide off. So hang your favourite kitchen knives on your wall, they deserve to be seen. Do you not own enough knives to fill your magnet? With over 1600 kitchen knives we can offer you the right knife to complete your line-up!

How do I add my knives to the magnetic knife strip?

You place a kitchen knife on the strip with the tip facing up. The result is that the knife won't slide off or tilt because of the weight of the handle. And, if the knife accidentally gets pushed off the strip, it will fall with the tip facing up. As such the knife, your counter tops and, most importantly, your fingers will be safe.

You place the spine of the knife on the strip and allow it to tilt sideways until the magnet pulls the knife towards it. You remove the knife in the opposite way: first you tilt the edge away from the strip, towards the spine of the knife and only then will you remove it.

Click the knife holder onto the magnet
Hang your favourite knives


All our wooden magnetic strips are oiled using a mineral oil. You can also easily clean the strip using a damp piece of cloth. When the wood loses its beautiful colour all you have to do is apply a new coat of oil.  Paraffin oil, for instance, like the Eden Essentials mineral oil.